The life story of Daniella Steele

Daniella Fernandes (Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel or Danielle Steel for short) is an American writer whose books have sold over 800 million copies worldwide so far. Her books have been published in 69 countries and in 43 languages. She is best known for her love novels.

In the following text, I will present the life story of Daniella Steele, the best writer of today!

She has written over 165 books, of which 141 are novels, 18 are children’s books, including “Pretty Minnie in Hollywood” and “Pretty Minnie in Hollywood”, books about the little rainbow white hair. She wrote four works that are not fiction, and a book of poetry and lyrics for one music album. On the basis of 22 of her novels, film achievements were made, two of which were nominated for the “Golden Globe” award. Her latest novel is “Past Perfect”, and some of her more recent bestsellers are “Fairytale”, “The Right Time”, “The Duchess”, “Dangerous Games”, “Mistress”, “Award”, “The Award”, “Magic”, “The Apartment”, Blue, all of which topped the New York Times bestseller list, the Wall Street Journal, and similar lists around the world.

Style writes several books a year, and deals mostly with love and family topics. It is not a rare case that he works on as many as five projects at the same time. She founded and runs two foundations, one of which is named after her late son, The Nick Traina Foundation, which funds organizations that deal with mental illness, child abuse and suicide prevention. Another foundation helps the homeless.

Daniela Steele received the Order of the Government of France in 2002 as an officer of the Order of Arts and Letters, and in 2014 she received the Order as a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor. He currently lives on the Paris-San Francisco route. She is the mother of nine children. Daniela Steele is quite shy, she does not often appear in public, nor does she often give interviews.


Daniella Steele was born on August 14, 1947, in New York in the United States of America (USA) as Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein Steel. Daniella was the only child of Norma da Camara Stone dos Reis (Norma da Camara Stone dos Reis) and Johan Schuelien Steel. Her father John was a Jewish-German immigrant, a descendant of the owner of Lowenbrau beer. Her mother, Norma, was the daughter of a diplomat and was born in Portugal. Style was raised as a

Catholic, and as a child she had a desire to be a nun.

She spent most of her childhood in Paris, France, where she watched parties organized by her parents in the evening. Thus, from an early age, she had the opportunity to observe the habits and lives of rich and famous people. When she was eight, her parents divorced. Daniella was taken care of by her father, and she rarely saw her mother.

Daniella later wrote on her official website that as a child she was very lonely, but also serious. She loved to read. She started writing stories as a child, and later, as a teenager, poetry. She graduated from the Lycee Francis de New York in 1963 in New York. She studied literary and fashion design. As a child, Daniella Steele lived on the Paris-New York route, and now she lives on the Paris-San Francisco route.

Early career

When she was only 18, Danielle Steele married French-American banker Claude Eric Lazard. As a young wife, she still attended New York University and began writing. Daniella finished her first manuscript at the age of 19.

After the birth of her daughter Beatrix, Steele began working in public relations for a New York agency called “Supergirls”. The magazine’s clients were impressed by her articles and encouraged her to write and publish the book. Daniella did it. She later moved to San France and worked as a copywriter for Gray Advertising.

Private life and career

After nine years of marriage, Steele and Lazard divorced. Her first novel, Going Home, was published in 1972. The novel contained some themes by which her later writing became recognizable, including family and interpersonal relationships. The heroine, that is, the main character of Daniella’s first novel, was a single mother.

While still married to Lazard Steele, she met Danny Zugelder while interviewing a prisoner at a prison near Lommpoc, California, where Zugelder was also imprisoned.

When he was released on parole in June 1973, he moved in with Daniella, but returned to prison in early 1974 on charges of robbery and rape. After her divorce from Lazard in 1975, Daniella Steele married Zugelder in the prison canteen. She divorced him in 1978, and their relationship gave birth to “Passion promise” and “Now and forever”, two novels that started her career.

Steele married her third husband, William George Toth, a day after her divorce from Zugelder ended. At that time, she was already in the ninth month of pregnancy, carrying his child.

With the success of her fourth book, Promise, she became a member of high society in San Francisco, while Toth, a former drug addict, remained neglected. They divorced in March 1981.

Style married for the fourth time in 1981 to winemaker John Traina. Trejna subsequently adopted her son Nick and gave him his last name. Together they had five other children, namely Samantha, Victoria, Vanessa, fashion stylist Max and Zara. Samantha was born on April 14, 1982, and a year later, Victoria, on September 5. As early as 1984, her daughter Vanessa was born on December 18, and her son Max on February 10, 1986. The youngest daughter, Zara, was born on September 26, 1987.

Beginning with her marriage to Train in 1981, Styles was an almost constant appearance on the covers of the New York Times. She entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989 because she had a book on the New York Times bestseller list for at most a week in a row from any author (then 381 weeks in a row).

During that time, Daniella Steele also dedicated herself to her work on the non-fiction works “Having a baby”, which was published in 1984. She had a chapter in which Styles talks about suffering during an abortion. In the same year, she published a book of poetry, “Love: Poems”.

Styles also embarked on children’s fiction by writing a series of ten illustrated books for young readers. These books, known as the “Max and Martha” book series, help children face real life problems: a new baby, a new school, the loss of loved ones, and so on.

Styles also wrote off the “Freddy” series. These four books talk about other life situations: the first night out of the house, going to the doctor and the like.

Since she decided to spend as much time as possible with her children, Styles often wrote at night, which is why she slept only four hours a day. Styles is a very prolific writer who often publishes several books in one year. Each book takes two and a half years to complete, so Styles has developed the ability to work on five projects at once by doing research for one book, while quoting another, and writing and correcting other books.

In 1998, Steele married Silicon Valley financier Thomas James Perkins for the fifth time, but the marriage ended four years later. Styles said that her novel “The Clone and I” was inspired by a private joke between her and Perkins. In 2006, Perkins dedicated his novel “Sex and the Single Zillionaire” to Steele.

Nine children

Since she grew up as a unit, Daniella looked at families with more children from an early age. She hoped that one day she would have a big family. Her wish came true and she had as many as nine children from five marriages.

On her official website, Daniella dedicated a special part to her children, whom she put in the first place. They are said to be her greatest wealth. She believes that children are her greatest blessing and happiness in life.

Daniella admits that it was not always easy, she went through various turbulent periods in her life, there were tears and annoyances, but for her children today she can say that they have become wonderful people.

The youngest daughter Zara still lives in the house with her, while the other children are already independent.

She is also happy that all her children come to the family home for the holidays, when everyone is together, and the house is full of laughter. The family also often spends their summers together.

By the way, Daniella Steele’s children, just like herself, love dogs very much. So they all had one, and some even two dogs when they were younger. They were dogs of different breeds.

What is the saddest and most unhappy moment in Daniella Steele’s life is the death of her son Nick (Nick Train). He is also the only child of Styles who was interested in writing, as a mother. Others have dedicated themselves to fashion, design, athletics, social work, production, films, photography, technology…

The fact that she decided and wanted to have a large family since childhood is, as Daniella said, the best decision in her life.

The Nick Traina Foundation

In 1993, Daniella Steele sued a writer who wanted to reveal in her book that her son Nick had been adopted by John Traine, her then-husband. Although the adoption documents are sealed in California. A San Francisco judge handed down a very unusual verdict allowing the seal on Nick’s adoption to be removed even though he was still a minor.

This verdict was confirmed by the Court of Appeals in California, and they made such a decision because Styles is known and the adoption of her son did not have the same rights to privacy. Therefore, the book was allowed to be published.

Nicholas Train committed suicide in 1997.

Treyna was a singer of punk bands from San Francisco. These are the bands “Link 80” and “Knowledge”.

In memory of her son Nika Styles, she wrote her non-fiction book “His bright light” about the life and death of her son. Proceeds from that book, which reached the list of non-fiction bestsellers of the “New York Times”, were used to found the Nick Train Foundation.

This organization is led by Styles and the Foundation deals with the financing of organizations that treat mental and mental illnesses.

In order to get more recognition for children’s mental illnesses, Styles lobbied for legislation in Washington, and before that she held charity evenings to collect support. These evenings were held every two years in San Francisco and are known as the “Star Ball”.

Fear of flying

Because of her fear of flying, she had many problems in her business life, so she took a course to overcome that fear in the non-profit organization “Clinic for Fear of Flying”. She was even one of the directors of that organization for several years.

“Steel gallery” and perfume

After several years of almost constant writing of Styles, in 2003 she opened the Art Gallery in San Francisco. This gallery is called “Steel gallery” and displays contemporary works and paintings and sculptures by developing artists.

The gallery closed in 2007.

In 2006, Daniella, in agreement with Elizabeth Arden, released a new perfume with her name on sale.

The perfume became very popular and was called “Daniele by Danielle Steel”.


Her books are often described as those written according to a tried and tested formula and often include characters who are in some kind of crisis that threatens their relationship.

Many of her characters were considered exaggerated which makes her books less realistic. Novels often explore the world of the rich and famous and deal with serious life problems such as illness, death, loss, family crisis and relationships.

There are also allegations that her popular stories are based on events from her life, such as two ex-husbands, two ex-convicts, and other events she hid from the public.

Despite her reputation for always wrapping herself in “pink” Styles, one often enters into those less pleasant aspects of human nature such as incest, suicide, divorce, war, and even the Holocaust.

Over time, her writing evolved. Her later heroines were stronger and with more authority, who, if they do not get a certain level of respect and attention they want from a man, go on to a new life.

In recent years, Styles has even taken risks with topics in her books, and she has experimented a lot and tried to surprise her readership. For example, her book “Ransom” (“Ransom”) focuses more on tension than on romance. The plot follows three sets of characters that are initially unrelated, and later their characters intertwine. “Toxic bachelors” moves away from her usual style by telling the story through the eyes of three main characters, three men who have a phobia of bonding, but eventually reveal their true loves.


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