The life story of Halle Berry

To one of the highest paid actresses in the world, the famous Halle Berry, popularity never guaranteed happiness in her private life and because of depression after the divorce, she even tried to kill herself. The fact that she grew up with her alcoholic father and that she has been battling diabetes since she was a teenager also contributes to her sad biography.

This is her biography

Early life

The life story of Halle Berry is an example of a person who has achieved the almost impossible and that is why she is an inspiration to many women around the planet. Despite poverty and abuse, she grew into a beauty who was the first African-American to compete in the Miss World pageant, and then became an Oscar winner, a Bond girl and one of the highest paid actresses. Last August, she turned fifty, and although she is in her sixth decade, she does not look like most of her peers. After numerous failures in love, she turned to work and filming.

Halle Maria Berry was born on August 14, 1966, in Cleveland, to a mother, Judith Ann, who was an Englishwoman from Liverpool, and a father, Jerome Berry, an African-American. Her parents divorced when Halle was only four years old. The mother, who worked as a psychiatric nurse where Jerome was a courier, continued to take care of her and her two-year-old daughter Heidi on her own, moving to Bedford, a suburb where white people lived.

– My father left us when I was four years old. He ignored my mother, my older sister and me. He is an alcoholic. When I was little, he tortured our pets and beat my mother. While I’m alive, I don’t want to see or hear him. However, a difficult childhood did not prevent me from being successful in business – she pointed out in an interview.

Even while she was attending elementary school, she was firmly determined to succeed. Because of the color of her skin, she often suffered insults, but her mother learned to ignore the comments of others and bravely step forward.

– My mother developed an awareness in me of how important it is to work hard and never give up. Despite all the belittling because she raised children from a mixed marriage on her own, she managed to ensure us a happy childhood and we didn’t want anything.

She was an excellent student in high school, and she also participated in numerous extracurricular activities: she was the president of the department, the editor of the school newspaper, a fan in the sports team, but also the queen of the prom party. In order to help her mother and earn pocket money, in parallel with all her obligations, she also worked in the children’s department of the “Higbee” department store.

From an early age, she captivated with her beauty, which brought her the titles of Miss Ohio and Miss Teenager of the USA, and she reached her peak in 1986, becoming the first runner-up at the Miss America pageant. In the same year, as the first African-American, she represented her country at the Miss World pageant in London and won sixth place. After that, she definitely decided to leave the television journalism studies she attended at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, determined to start a career in show business as a model. Her starting point was Chicago, and then she went to New York, where she worked as a model for catalogs and could barely make ends meet.

A difficult start

– I lived with the homeless in a shelter because I could not find a job, and my mother did not want to help me financially. But the girl has to do what is necessary. You have to succeed when you are ambitious and you want so much, and you do not intend to return home – said Halle, whose one of the first acting auditions was for the role in “Charlie’s Angels”. Although she didn’t get it, producer Aaron Spelling told her not to give up on her dream of becoming an actress. The first role came in 1989 in the series “Living Dolls”, but during the filming she fell into a coma due to a drop in blood sugar. Although she was diagnosed with type two diabetes, that did not stop her from realizing her dreams.

– I didn’t know what was happening to me, I just felt that I needed energy, but there was no time to take a bar of chocolate on the set. After I fainted, I didn’t wake up for seven days. Then they told me how I could lose my sight or my legs. I was scared to death and thought I was going to die. Since then, I take care of myself, check my blood sugar level several times a day and take insulin. I have learned to look at this disease as a blessing.

Thanks to my diet and daily exercise, I can control her – said this beauty, who drew more serious attention to herself in 1991 after playing a drug addict in the movie Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever”, and that she can excel in serious roles. In the 1995 film “Losing Isaiah”, in which she fantastically played the role of a crack addict who fights for custody of her son.

And while she was a success on a professional level, her private life was a real disaster, because she constantly chose the wrong men. One of the ex-boyfriends, whose name she never revealed, allegedly beat her so badly that she barely survived and has been hearing less in one ear ever since. Unsuccessful love relationships include an adventure with Wesley Snipes, with whom she played in the movie “Jungle Fever”.

She first married baseball star David Justice in 1992, but divorced after only four years. Although the main reason was separation due to numerous obligations, it was speculated that he physically abused her so much that she was afraid for her own life. On the other hand, Halle later admitted that she had a hard time withstanding that emotional defeat, as well as that she even thought of taking her own life during that period.

– After the divorce from David, I suffered from a terrible depression and my self-confidence was at the lowest level. The sadness affected my mind so much that I tried to commit suicide. I was sitting in a car parked in the garage and as the deadly carbon monoxide entered the car, a picture of my mother finding me dead appeared before my eyes. I thought how terrible it would be for her because she sacrificed herself for me and my sister, and that it was very selfish to end my own life. It made me conscious and that’s why I got out of the car… I had to reprogram myself and find the good in myself. I realized that just because someone doesn’t love me doesn’t mean I’m not worthy of love. Then I promised myself that I would never be such a coward again – admitted Halle, who continued to lower her professional success, but good reviews and accolades for her roles in “Bullworth” and “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” fell into the shadows because she was in February 2000, she caused a car accident after she went through a red light at a traffic light, hit another car and left the scene of the accident.

She later stated that she does not remember how it happened, because she suffered head injuries, and she escaped with voluntary work in the community, a three-year suspended sentence and compensation of 13,500 dollars, which she had to pay to the injured driver.

Although she was a fierce target of the media due to this scandal, a film adaptation of the popular comic book series “X-Men” soon followed, and for the role of Leticia Musgrove in “Monster’s Ball” she was awarded the Oscar for Best Actress in 2001, making her the first An African-American woman in history who received this prestigious award.

At that time, she married jazz musician Eric Bennett, with whom she was allegedly secretly engaged back in 1997, but this marriage did not last long either. They officially divorced in 2005 after a series of his scams and unsuccessful treatment for sexual addiction, although she even wanted to adopt his daughter India.

Love life

– Eric is addicted to sex and after the first year of marriage we ended up in a rehab clinic. I’m sorry I didn’t leave him right away, but the needs of other people were always more important to me than mine. Our marriage was horrible and if I hadn’t promised myself earlier that I would never think of suicide again, I would most likely throw myself under the first bus – she was an explicit dark-skinned actress who was then widely considered a movie star, especially after becoming a Bond girl in a hit She died the next day, and men all over the planet sighed for her perfectly sculpted body after the famous scene of coming out of the sea in an orange bikini.

Although she played the leading role of a comic book heroine next to the enchanting Sharon Stone in the film Woman Cat, she won the Golden Raspberry for the worst actress in 2005, but that didn’t bother her at all, because she received this recognition with a smile, saying:

– To stay on top, you have to feel the bottom.

At the end of the same year, a decade younger Canadian model Gabriel Aubrey entered her life, whom she met at the opening of the Versace boutique in Manhattan. For the first time, she pointed out that she is happy and how much she wants to be fulfilled in the role of a mother, as well as that she is ready to adopt a child, but not to get married.

– I don’t want to remarry. You could say I have bad taste when it comes to men. I no longer feel the need to be someone’s wife or to be recognized because I am married – one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, who was earning 14 million dollars per film at the time, confidently pointed out.

Despite the huge desire to have a baby, not everything went smoothly at first, so as a guest at Oprah Winfrey, she admitted that she was constantly working on it, as well as that she had 334 negative pregnancy tests before she was happy with the good news, and 16. In March 2008, she gave birth to her daughter Nala.

Just six months later, the American magazine “Esquire” declared Halle Berry the sexiest woman in the world. She was forty-two at the time, but not in the least did she look like she had stepped into her fifth decade. She admitted that she finally knew the purpose of her existence.

– I think that such titles are a bit silly, because no one can be the sexiest. The funniest thing for me was that they chose me after the birth. I guess they wanted to show how motherhood can be sexy, and that’s really important. And I feel sexier myself because I am now clear about the purpose of my existence on earth. Being sexy doesn’t mean wearing seductive clothes or wiggling your ass until your hips stiffen. It is a sexy state of mind, it is when you love yourself whatever you are and when you are comfortable in your own skin. I know for sure that I am more sexy now than I was before – she said on that occasion, revealing some secrets from her sex life.

– I have devilishly good orgasms, especially now after giving birth. Much better than the ones I had when I was twenty-two. I learned a lot of tricks and now I know what I love. I no longer wait for my partner to approach me and try to seduce me, but I take the initiative myself. Simply, my sex life now and two decades ago cannot be compared – said Halle, who is one of the few actresses who refused to pose for magazines with her baby and often came into conflict with the paparazzi.

Although after the birth of her daughter she wanted to expand her family as soon as possible, fate mixed her fingers again and her life soon became hell.

Namely, after four years of living together, she and Gabriel Aubrey decided to separate, which he officially confirmed in early May 2010. At that time, Halle was already close with French actor Olivier Martinez, with whom she was filming “Dark Tide” in Paris. , and the love sparks born in the frame were transferred to real life. They first appeared together in public at a charity ball held in Beverly Hills in October of the same year, and the media were buzzing about the new romance between the dark-skinned beauty and the ex-boyfriend of Australian star Kylie Minogue.

But, despite the fact that she shone with happiness with her new lover, a month later, a relentless fight began with Gabriel for custody of their daughter Nal, who filled the pages of the press for three years. The ex-partners threw trees and stones at each other, so the actress accused the model of being an irresponsible father and fearing for her daughter’s safety, as well as wanting only her money, while he allegedly switched that Halle was a bitch who used him. . The Hollywood star at that time strongly wanted to move to France with her new boyfriend, and as a reason for that she stated in court that she feared for her and her daughter’s life, because Richard Franco, who was stalking the actress, and Robert Hoskins were released. , who threatened to kill her.

The problems with Gabriel culminated on Thanksgiving in 2012, when he and Olivier got into a fight in front of the actress’ house in Los Angeles, and the incident occurred when the Frenchman wanted to talk to Nala’s father about the lawsuit he is having with the actress. The epilogue of this unpleasant episode was that images of mutually killed rivals traveled the world. Aubrey was banned from approaching, and Halle was escorted by police, but custody of his daughter remained shared.

By the way, the dark-skinned beauty revealed that she has been going to a psychiatrist for forty years to help her overcome difficult situations, as well as that it all started due to the traumas caused by her father’s violent behavior.

The most important role in life: mother

– I’ve been going to therapy since I was ten. It helps me whenever I find myself in a stressful situation or find it hard to deal with a problem. I try to cover up the bad things and how I deal with them within myself. I raise my head, set a brave expression on my face and move on – said the actress, to whom 2013 brought new surprises, because after her engagement to Olivier, she soon found out that she was pregnant again, at the age of 46.

– I thought I was at a certain age when I crossed the border to be a mother again, so this pregnancy is a big, but also the most wonderful surprise for me – the actress said enthusiastically in April and pointed out that she is expecting a boy in November.

Although she said she would never marry again, Halle married Martinez on July 13 on the beautiful, medieval estate “Chateau des Conde” in Valerie, France, a hundred kilometers from Paris, and the intimate ceremony was attended by about 60 guests.

However, Halle and Martinez decided to divorce. In a joint statement to People magazine, the couple, who have a three-year-old son, Mace, states that the decision to divorce was made with heavy hearts.

– We will continue with love and respect, focused on what is best for our son. We only wish each other happiness in life – they pointed out.

Since she bravely stepped into her sixth decade, Halle Berry has not taken a smile off her face, she tries to look positively at all the events in her life, as well as to dedicate herself to her children to the maximum.



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