The life story of Jack Nicholson

John Joseph Nicholson, better known as Jack Nicholson. He is a well-known American actor and director, who has a career of over 60 years behind him.

Nicholson is known for the various roles he has played, from supporting, satirical comedies, romantic roles, but also dark antiheroes, as well as terrifying characters.

Nicholson has been nominated for an Oscar 12 times. And that is more than any other man has achieved. He has two Oscars for the best male role, one for the film “Flight over the Coward’s Nest” and the other for the romantic comedy “It’s Good It Couldn’t Be Better”. He also won an Oscar for his supporting role in “Time of Tenderness”. He is one of three actors to have three Oscars. The other two are Daniel Day-Lewis and Sean Penn.

These and other details, I will describe to you in the life story of Jack Nicholson!

Growing up

Jack Nicholson was born in New Jersey on April 22, 1937. He is the son of entertainer June Francis. She married showman Donald Furcill at the age of 18 in 1936, but it turned out that he was already married. Today, it is suspected that Jack Nicholson’s father was her manager, but June never confirmed that information. Since June was only 18 and unmarried, her parents agreed to raise Nicholson as their child, with his mother playing his sister.

In 1974, the Times magazine revealed the truth, but both his mother and grandmother had already passed away. When he found out the truth, Nicholson said that he had a very traumatic experience, his whole life collapsed.

He spent his entire childhood in New Jersey, where he attended both elementary and high school. In 1957, Jack joined the Air National Guard, where he spent more than two years but did not go to war.


Nicholson came to Hollywood in 1954, when he was only 17, to visit his sister. He found a job in the office of “MGM” studio, where he worked on animation. After a while, they offered him a permanent job, but he refused the opportunity, wanting to try his hand at acting.

He studied acting in a group in a famous theater, after which he started appearing in soap operas. He had his first serious role in the high-budget film “The Cry Baby Killer”, where he had the lead role. For the next ten years, he appeared in various film productions, but the real breakthrough had not yet happened.

As he began to lose hope that he would achieve great success in Hollywood as an actor, Jack began to do a little business behind the camera. He tried his hand as a writer and director. In one of his films, the famous Peter Fonda and Denis Hopper even starred. Fonda was impressed by the young Jack Nicholson.

The film was not a success, but the words he heard from his colleague encouraged him.

Then came the big movie, after which his career took an upstream trajectory. Namely, he got a small but significant role in the movie “Easy Rider”, in which he played a lawyer who has a problem with drinking. For that role, he received his first Oscar nomination. The film achieved incredible success, both with the audience and the critics, and the Academy also awarded that with a golden statue.

After the great success, better opportunities for Nicholson began to arrive, among others the film “Five Easy Pieces,” which the actor says was recognizable for a long time.

In 1974, a role in Roman Polanski’s “Chinatown” earned him another Oscar nomination. The film became a cult, and even its acting was praised by the most ardent critic of Hollywood, Roger Ebert.

At the time, enjoying great fame, Jack continued to hang out with controversial director Roman Polanski, and was a great friend of his after the murder of his wife, Sharon Tate, who was killed by Charles Manson, among others.

In 1977, three years after the Chinatown, Polanski was arrested for sexually abusing 13-year-old Samantha Gamer at Jack Nicholson’s house. Nicholson was not at home at the time, he was on set, and his then-girlfriend, Angelica Houston, who was living with Nicholson at the time, was at home when the alleged rape occurred, but told police nothing unusual had happened in that house that day. She stated that they were in the same room all the time and that nothing like that happened.

The eighties of the last century, for Nicholson, represented a series of career successes. He played in the most famous horror film of all time, “Radiance”, by the famous director Stanley Kubrick, “Flight over the coward’s nest”, which brought him the Oscar for the best male role. In the love movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice”, he played alongside the sexy actress Jessica Lang, and their chemistry from the big screen was talked about a lot after the film had its world premiere.

In 1989, he played one of the most interesting roles in his career. In the movie “Batman”, Nicholson was a psychotic killer, the Joker. Nobody expected such a success of the film, and Nicholson himself said for that role that he was partially satisfied with his acting, but that he was glad considering that it is a project that today belongs to “pop art.”

The nineties brought the actor a few more titles that will be remembered in film making. “A Few Good People,” and a unique role in “Good That Couldn’t Be Better,” a film that grossed an incredible $314 million and won an Oscar for both him and his partner, Helen Hunt.

In the 2000s, Nicholson began to shoot less and less, and appeared in only three titles, of which the film “About Schmidt” again brought him an Oscar nomination.

Since 2010, fans of this charismatic actor have been eagerly awaiting his next film.


In addition to acting, he always had time for women. Among the 2,000 he dragged to bed, only one was his legal wife, actress Sandra Knight, with whom he had been married for six years and with whom he has a 56-year-old daughter, Jennifer, today. When their relationship fell into crisis, the couple sought the help of a psychiatrist, who tried unconventional treatment with psychedelic drugs on them. Jack liked that experience so much that he continued to take drugs, but Sandra wasn’t exactly thrilled, so they divorced in 1968, just before he became famous.

But regardless of marriage or a permanent relationship, Nicholson never stopped winning over women. Actress Susan Anspak made a child while filming hot scenes in the movie “Five Easy Pieces”. Although he never officially acknowledged Caleb, 47, today, he allegedly paid for his education at an expensive university, and lent his mother, who’s career had declined, about $500,000 so she could repay a loan for an expensive house in Santa Monica. But, as she never returned the money to him, in 1995 he demanded in court that her house be confiscated in order to cover the debt, and when Anspak got upset and stated that Jack hated her, he said without a hair on his tongue that according to that “drunk cows “feels only” mild antipathy “.

He dated Michelle Phillips from “Mamas & Papas” in the early seventies, after her disastrous eight-day marriage to Denis Hopper, and during the disco fever, he went out to “Studio 54” and “Mud Club” in New York, where he hung out with models. Lauren Hutton, Apollonia von Ravenstein and Zu Zu. He also courted the beautiful Gia Karanja, a young model who later became addicted to heroin and died of AIDS at the age of 26, and pushed the key to his hotel room, but she did not want it.

– I can’t stand him, so he’s an old man! She told her friends.

Jack was 40 at the time, his hair was starting to pull back from his forehead and he had a tummy tuck, but he was still attractive to women, except maybe Gia. Actresses Faye Dunaway and Candice Bergen couldn’t resist either, while the former first lady of Canada, Margaret Trido, made love to him in the back seat of the car, while a discreet driver was behind the wheel and then said that “then she discovered how much space there is in the daimler”. Danish supermodel Vinnie Holman, with whom he had a brief but passionate relationship, gave birth to his daughter Hani in 1981, and actress Kim Basinger said he was the man with the strongest sexual charge she had ever met.

“I only take Viagra when I’m in bed with multiple partners,” Nicholson once said.

The most important woman

But the most important woman in his life, the one he truly suffered for when she left him, was Angelica Houston, the charismatic daughter of legendary director John Houston, an actress, model, muse of fashion photographer David Bailey and a fashion icon of the time. Nicholson met her as a girl, and then met her again as a 21-year-old girl. They were in a relationship, with occasional interruptions, for almost 18 years, a good part of which they lived together, as a real family, with his daughter Jennifer and Angelica’s younger sister Allegro, mostly in Jack’s house on Malholand Drive. The girls usually had fun putting together puzzles with pictures of pigs. Namely, the actor bought them everything that has the shape of a pig. Angelica baked chicken and cooked spaghetti for them in the evening, and it was perhaps the closest to family life that Nicholson experienced.

Houston left Jack because of Ryan O’Neill, and returned to him after a while, but the relationship was seriously shaken by the confession of young model Karen Mayo-Chandler, who opened her soul in 1989 in “Playboy” and told all about how long she sees with Nicholson and how he, in blue satin boxers, chased her around the bedroom, interrupting sex just to eat bread with peanut jam and butter to regain strength. The end definitely came when actress Rebecca Brusard, Jack’s daughter Jennifer’s peer, remained pregnant with him, and he subtly informed Angelica about it with the words:

– Someone is going to have a baby!

Although he had cheated on her before, this hit Houston too hard, because she tried unsuccessfully to stay pregnant.

– Angelica’s first reaction was: “You have to be with that woman”. And then she came to the set and beat me like an ox – said later the actor, who was “emotionally destroyed” when she finally left him.

– It was probably the most difficult period in my life – admitted Nicholson, who in some way never got over Angelica. Years after the breakup, he sent her a pearl and diamond bracelet that Frank Sinatra had given to his greatest love, Ava Gardner, and with it was a message: “Receive these pearls from your pig. Happy holidays, your Jack.

Brusard gave birth to a daughter, Lorraine, in 1990, and a son, Ray, two years later, but Jack never gave her the key to his house. And then, as might be expected, he cheated on her with French actress Julie Delphi. However, that connection did not last either.

He was seen for a while with actress Veronica Cartwright, then with 33-year-old Lara Flynn Boyle, who, desperate because of Jack’s squabbling, lost weight drastically, and left him when she found jewelry intended for another woman in his bag. He also starred with TV presenter Amanda de Kadene, starlet Amber Smith, known for participating in the reality show “Celebrity Rehab” in which the alleged stars are trying to “get off” drugs, and with model Paz de la Uerta, who is half his age. Century.

– I had everything a person could wish for, but I don’t think it can be said that I was successful in matters of the heart. I do not know why. I would like to experience that one, last, true romance, but I don’t think it’s realistic to expect that. However, I cannot deny that I long for that – Nicholson admitted recently.

Still, it doesn’t make it a problem.

As he himself said, he has found a balance, so he compensates for the lack of female company by spending time with children.

When Marlon Brando, the prototype of the bad father, died in solitude, it encouraged Jack to change somewhat: he began to pay more attention to children. So in London he took his daughter Lorraine to the theater, and she took him to an exhibition and dinner at the trendy restaurant “Mr. Chow ”. He goes to the basketball games of his favorite Lakers with his son Ray, for which he has been a fan all his life, and carefully follows the career of his daughter Jennifer, a fashion designer, who has already given birth to three grandchildren.

– I was not often present in the lives of my children and I am happy that they turned out so well. Parenting is in the hands of the gods, we can only do our best – said the actor, and insiders claim that the only women who are now allowed to cross the threshold of his house are daughters and actress Annette Beaning, wife of Warren Beatty, with whom she likes to play golf.

Jack Nicholson’s new biography reveals many spicy details from the life of this Hollywood star, an actor who was known as a great womanizer, so we learn that he also intimately hung out with the famous Meryl Streep, with whom he starred in two films ( “Heartburn” and “Ironweed”). It was during the filming of “Ironweed” in 1986, the biography reveals, that his caravan often rocked on its shock absorbed, after which the two stars would come out a little dazed, and the film crew talked more about them than about the film itself. They met a year earlier on the set of “Heartburn,” and Meryl Streep said it was an experience for her to meet Mick Jagger or Bob Dylan.

To break the tension, on the eve of filming their first joint scene, Nicholson knocked on the door of her trailer and asked if he could use her toilet. She agreed and the tension was gone. Allegedly, at the end of the filming, Meryl kicked Jack out of the hotel room and said that she would never make any films with him again, but Meryl denied those allegations.

At the same time, Nicholson still maintained a long-term relationship with Angelica Houston, but he allegedly slept on the sidelines with actress Veronica Cartwright. After a passionate relationship, Meryl and Jack remained good friends. Last year, (Meryl has been happily married to Don Gamer for 35 years), performing in an entertainment show, she was asked who she would sleep with, who she would marry, and who she would kill. She chose Robert Redford for the wedding, Nicholson for sex, and she would kill Dustin Hoffman. Nicholson, on the other hand, called her “perfect” at the 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Biography of Angelica Houston

Angelica Houston wrote a book about Jack in 2014, and here is an excerpt from it:

– My old life ended, and a new one began when I first stepped into LAX Airport in Los Angeles, in March 1973. I was only 21 years old and I had just broken off my love affair with Bob Richardson, a brave and provocative fashion photographer who was even 24 years older than me.

I stayed temporarily in the house of my stepmother, my father’s last wife, Sisi. She inherited the house from her last husband. I fell in love with Los Angeles from the footsteps. Clear skies and beautiful temperatures, Hollywood, it all seemed unreal to me.

Driving along Sunset Boulevard at sunset, I observed houses and palm trees. It was windy and the air was dry, and it smelled of something sweet. When I came to the famous Rodeo Drive, and saw the shop of George Armani, I decided to stop. I bought a floor-length dress with an open back and drank an espresso at a nearby cafe. I felt glamorous, as if all provincialism had disappeared from me.

One day, a friend of Sisi’s, named Brigitte, invited her to join her at a party at Jack Nicholson’s house. She asked if it was okay to take her stepdaughter with her, to which Brigitte said that it was okay, that it was Jack’s birthday and that he loved beautiful girls.

I wore my dress with the signature of Giorgio Armani – black, floor-length, with an open back. Brigitte came for us. We drove to his house on Mullenhold Drive. We felt like we were on top of the world.

The front door of the house, which resembled a rancher’s, opened and that was the first time I saw that smile. The most famous editor of “Harper’s Bazaar”, Diana Vriland, when she was working on the story, described it as “A killer smile.” And I thought, yes, that’s the man I could fall for.

Back in 1969, when I lived in London and went to the cinema with my friends to watch the movie “Easy Rider”, after a few days I went again, alone. He had something in him that pinned me to a chair. I think that after that movie, like many others, I felt in love with Jack for the first time.

The second time was when he opened the door of his house. “Good evening, ladies,” he said, “I’m Jack and I’m so glad you made it”.

The house was full of people, strangers and celebrities. They served Greek food and the music was relaxing. I danced with Jack for hours. And when he invited me to spend the night, I asked Sisi what she thought about it.

“Are you kidding? Of course!” In the morning, when I woke up and put on the dress I was wearing last night, which was now completely inappropriate, I went downstairs. Jack was sitting with some people, I went into the room, and then he looked at me. He got up and said “I’ll call you a taxi, if that’s okay, since I’m going to a basketball game.”

I took a taxi for half an hour, and at the door of the house, Sisi was waiting for me. She looked at me and said, “I can’t believe you didn’t insist he bring you home? What were you thinking? If you want to see each other again, he must know where you live and come for you.”

Jack called me in a few days to see me. I said I would, but I wanted him to come get me. He said he would and if Saturday suited me. After a couple of hours, he called me again to cancel and said he forgot he had something already agreed. I just asked him “Does that make me different?” He replied, “Don’t say that.”

That evening, I decided to go to dinner with my friend from London. We had dinner at a popular restaurant, and a friend asked me at one point, “Shouldn’t you have seen Jack tonight?” To which I replied, “He had some plans he couldn’t put off.” To which he said: “It seems that his obligation tonight is to see the beautiful blonde, with whom he just went to that room.”

I took a glass of red wine and with my heart pounding like crazy, I headed to the other end of the restaurant. Jack was sitting with a beautiful blonde that I immediately recognized. I’ve seen them together in magazines before – it was his ex-girlfriend Michelle Phillips, a singer from the famous group of the sixties “Mamas and Pappas”.

I went to the table and said “Hi, I’m in that part of the restaurant, so I just came to answer.” He introduced me to Michelle, he didn’t even blink. She seemed very charming. Those were the last days of their relationship. A few weeks later, she came to Jack to get some of her things, and when she saw me there, she laughed and brought two glasses of squeezed juice for the two of us. From that moment on, we were good friends.

The relationship with Jack was completely insane. At one point in the relationship, he would tell me that it might be smarter to take a break from each other, and he called for dinner the next day, as if the niche hadn’t happened.

He gave me a lot of nicknames, from “Fab”, “Mine”, he used to call me “Pal”, which means partner, and I hated that. I didn’t want friendship, I wanted to be the love of his life.

After a little time I spent with him, Jack got an amazing offer. To make the film “Chinatown”, which I still think is one of the most beautiful and inspiring films ever made.

At the time the filming started, I moved in with Jack.

– Angelica Houston (excerpt from the book “Watch me”)

Jack Nicholson is certainly one of the public figures who is most interesting to journalists, precisely because of the controversy in his life. In his love life, over the years, this Hollywood charmer has received the title of “womanizer” and a man “who simply does not know how to settle down”. He has five children with four different women.

Not only did Jack lead a turbulent love life, but every segment of his life was more than turbulent. He has been using drugs since the earliest days of his career. He first experimented with LSD, and later switched to cocaine. While taking drugs, various things appeared to him and homoerotic fears appeared. Nicholson also stated that with the help of LSD drugs, he faced the problems that plagued him from the earliest years.

And what does he enjoy now?

In life, but in your own way. He gets up late, only around one o’clock, when he goes downstairs in a shabby robe to drink a glass of milk and calm his stomach. He still lives in a 330-square-meter house on Malholand Drive, which he paid $80,000 for in 1969, where his neighbors were Warren Beatty and Marlon Brando. Bad Boy Drive ”. He later bought two more neighboring houses, to ensure privacy, as well as enough space for his rich collection of paintings – works by artists such as Mathis, Andy Warhol, Tamara de Lempicka, Picasso and his favorite painter, Jack Vetriano – who’s The value is estimated at more than 100 million dollars, and after Brand’s death in 2004, he bought his abandoned house “Frangipani” for five million dollars, and demolished it due to mold problems and planted an ornamental garden there.

Although he was known for ingesting unlimited amounts of drugs and alcohol, Nicholson stopped the practice. But he advocates legalizing marijuana, which he still smokes regularly with his favorite cigars – only he now does it all within his four walls. The former fierce party goer, who Robin Williams once said was probably the only man in the world to whom Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards said at a party, “Listen, Jack, I have to go home now,” rarely goes out to clubs and restaurants today. He prefers to stay in his home, where, as he says, the food is better anyway, so he watches “Crime Scene” and “Missing” on television and reads books about philosophy, Hermann Hesse and crime stories armed with glasses for old-fashioned foresight.

– My life has changed. I no longer enjoy the things I used to enjoy. I don’t go crazy, I don’t run after women. Now it’s just a game that’s not worth the effort. The last three times I was in New York, I never left the hotel room – he admitted.

Almost unbelievable for a man who once said:

– I saw all the women, took all the drugs and drank every drink!

His seductive abilities were really exceptional, and he himself tried to explain it by growing up surrounded by women, in Grandma Ethel’s hair salon.

– I got used to women’s company and learned what women like, and my grandmother raised me to behave nicely. I am insanely polite and polite, and I am infinitely grateful to be so educated – he once said.

Legend has it that he slept with two thousand women, which the actor casually commented:

– Hell, who would count that!

Now, insiders claim, he has no partner, but he compensates for that with other things.

– Honestly, whatever they do and wherever they go, men do it for women. At some point in my life, I was strangely irresistible to the ladies. I’m not now. But I also believe that my character has significantly improved as I get older and lose power. A balance is being established, you just have to get used to such a development – said Nicholson.


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