The life story of Jane Fonda

The life story of Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda (born 1937) was a member of the famous American theater family and the winner of the highest awards in this industry. Her numerous radical activities during the Vietnam War caused animosity in some and adoration in others.

Jane Fonda became famous in the sixties of the last century, and even after so many years, her fame does not fade …

In addition to being an actress, her name is associated with a number of other titles. She is a former model, fitness guru, as well as a political activist and writer. She is a two-time Oscar winner. She won her first golden statue in 1972 for her role in the film “Klute”, and the second, also in the category of the best actress, for her role in the film “Coming Home”.

I will tell you the life story of Jane Fonda, one of the most inspiring actresses, who was more than that!

Earlier years

Jane was born in New York City on December 21, 1937, to the Henry and Francis Seymour Brocau Foundation. Born in wealth, her maternal line can be traced back to the leader of the American Revolution, Samuel Adams. She herself became something like a revolutionary.

The life story of Jane Fonda

When Fonda was 13, her mother committed suicide, after learning that her husband was interested in a much younger woman, Susan Blanchard. She was told that her mother had died of a sudden heart attack, but Fonda learned the truth a year later from a story in a magazine. Both she and Peter, her brother, had difficulties, although Fonda believes that Blanchard, when her father married, did a lot to provide them with a stable life in the house. Fonda attended schools in New York and Vassar College, where, however, she “went wild”. After that, she embarked on a whirlwind of studies in Paris and New York. Her first appearance on the stage was in 1954, but she seriously decided on an acting career only four years later during a visit to her father, who lived next to Lee Strasberg, the director of the Acting Studio in Malibu, California. Her friends persuaded her to pursue a profession! Strasberg accepted her as his student, and she paid for her acting lessons with a short but successful modeling career.

Acting path

One of the possible reasons for her meteoric rise to fame is family genes. Numerous people have influenced her career, including her godfather, Joshua Logan, first husband Roger Vadim and director Sidney Pollock. She received many of the highest awards in the industry, including two Oscars for Best Actress (Klute, 1971, and Coming Home, 1979). Both came before her famous father got one and after she was a controversial figure because of her lifestyle, rejection of many American traditional beliefs and her open views against the Vietnam War.

The life story of Jane Fonda

It is interesting that in the beginning, as she said, she started acting because she did not know who and what she wanted to be. At the beginning, she accepted all the roles that were offered to her, and soon she started making her own films. Among the first in which she achieved notable roles were “Period of Adjustment”, “Walk on the Wild Side”, “Sunday in New York” and “Barbarella”.

In the early nineties, she decided to take a break from acting, to which she returned with a role in the film “It’s all the mother-in-law’s fault” in which she acted with Jennifer Lopez. Behind her today are more than 50 movies, books and fitness videos with which she left her mark in the world of show business.

She is the founder of dance aerobics

Jane looks flawless wherever she appears, and a common theme is her youthful appearance, given her age. Although she admitted that she underwent some aesthetic correction, the years of aerobic exercise also play a big role in everything. Namely, even before fitness was popular, Jane opened a studio in Los Angeles dedicated to a combination of aerobics, gymnastics and dance. She ran everything herself.

“I concluded early on that this type of exercise has a huge impact on morale. The order of aerobics, gymnastics and dance! And when I had a lot of work to do, I always relied on exercise because I later had more energy and depression would go away”.

The life story of Jane Fonda

Political activist

Fonda became the heroine of the New Left because of her activities in such goals as the constitutional rights of American soldiers, the Black Panthers, the rights of Indians, the Vietnam War, the anti-nuclear movement and women’s rights. Her life reflected the uncertainty, confusion, and rapidly changing values that began to shake America in the mid-1960s. To many, she acted sullen, contradictory and energetic as a fighter for justice and peace. For others, she was a naive, irritating, and anti-American fool. Its causes were so numerous and non-discriminatory that Sol Alinsky, a colleague of the American radical, claimed that Fonda was a “hitchhiker on the path of causes”.

Fonda’s first act of civil disobedience occurred in 1970, when she was arrested for illegal conversation with soldiers against the army. Her radicalization was completed by what she saw and the people she met while traveling around the country. Leaving California as a left-wing liberal, she arrived in New York where she announced that she was a revolutionary woman, ready to support all the struggles that were radical.

The life story of Jane Fonda

Fonda’s support and fundraising for the sometimes violent Black Panthers, including her relationship with Panther leader Hugh Newton, led to the FBI putting her under surveillance. Meanwhile, many differences with her father became public. As a lifelong liberal, he sympathized with many of her views, but resolutely rejected her methods. Jane, in turn, rejected his idea that changes could be made by electing the right officials to public office.

As its activities grew, state oversight increased to at least six agencies at once. Returning from Canada, she was furious when U.S. customs officials in Cleveland seized bottles that were considered to be drugs. It turned out to be vitamins and non-prescription food concentrates that she used to stabilize her weight.

Critics have condemned Fonda’s exaggeration of US crimes in Vietnam, which even supporters have admitted were inflated. Many were stunned when she spoke as if she had visited Vietnam and witnessed the horrors she described. In the end, her supporters arranged for her to go to Hanoi. When she publicly condemned American involvement there, many at home called her a “communist” and a “Hanoi Jane.” The State Department rebuked her, protest letters filled the newspapers, and at least one congressman demanded her arrest for treason. Still, it didn’t seem to bother the Fund.

The life story of Jane Fonda

As the Vietnam War ended, Fonda’s radicalism diminished. Reconciliation with her father came in the early 1980s when they filmed At the Gold Pond, a story she compared in many ways to their relationship. In the mid-1980s, Fonda’s popularity in film and television was so great that talking bad about her in Hollywood meant calling for professional suicide. Her exercise salon, books and videotapes, became so popular that she remembered them as well as her films.

Until 1985, she rarely spoke for radical reasons. On the contrary, she seemed to have calmed down considerably. On CBS Morning News, she spoke of a new spiritual consciousness during the filming of Agnes of God, and on CBS America, her comments and dress were rather muted as she “plugged in” her latest exercise video. She went from radical to respectable Jane Fonda.

The life story of Jane Fonda

The love life of a Hollywood diva

The eight-year-long relationship between Jane Fonda and producer Richard Perry came to an end two years ago, but the legendary diva did not despair.

“Jane truly hopes that she will find someone with whom she will share the rest of her life, but she is aware of that and that there is a great possibility that she will be left alone,” a friend of the actress once said.

The Oscar winner was married to French film director Roger Vadim from 1965 to 1973, and then to Tom Hayden from 1973 to 1990. But only after she left her third husband, Ted Turner, after ten years together, did she come to terms with a solo life.

“For the first time, it was perfectly fine for me to be alone,” she said at the time.

Although she was unbelievably beautiful and there was no man who was not at least a little in love with her, she made the wrong choices. Happiness on the love plane never seems to have followed her.

The life story of Jane Fonda

In France, she met and fell in love with Roger Vadim, a director who liked to brag that he created the film diva Brigitte Bardot. He was married to her in the fifties, and they divorced when he realized that she is not just an empty-headed blonde because, in his opinion, a woman should be beautiful and should not think too much, let alone have her own views. There were also rumors that the director cheated on her whenever he had the opportunity to do so.

In 1968, she gave birth to a daughter, Vanessa, but even the child could not save the marriage.

The second time, she fatefully said YES to politician Tom. They married in 1973 and in October of the same year they had a son, Troy.

A few years later, Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden adopted teenage Mary Luana Williams, the daughter of members of the black militant organization Black Panthers, from an abandoned children’s home.

Jane seemed to have an idyllic life: Unlike Vadim, Tom Hayden supported her in both her career and her political engagement.

She also supported his ambitions to reach the top of the Democratic Party, followed him at political rallies and invested millions of dollars in his campaign. And, while she was helping Hayden in her political career, he found it increasingly difficult to bear to be talked about as the husband of a famous and rich actress. Because of him, she drove an old Volvo, not the car she could afford as a movie star. Instead of a Cartier watch, she wore a cheap Timex. It was not difficult for her to change anything in her life, because she believed in him and his ideas – until in 1988 she accidentally discovered that she had a mistress for a long time.

“For the first time in my life, I thought about suicide,” she revealed.

The life story of Jane Fonda

Since they did not sign the prenuptial agreement, Jane Fonda did financially badly in the divorce. Hayden had barely fifty thousand dollars in his account before the wedding, and he came out of the marriage, according to one source, with a sum of ten million dollars, and according to another, he received as much as thirty million. At that time, her assets were estimated at almost sixty million dollars – not only from acting but also from the production of films and videocassettes with aerobics, with which she infected the whole world and sold them in almost twenty million copies.

Although after two marital disappointments she thought she would never marry again, life surprised her once again.

Barely a year after the divorce, she met eccentric billionaire Ted Turner, owner of the CNN TV network.

The life story of Jane Fonda

Although she did not want to enter into a new relationship, she accepted Turner’s invitation to dinner and continued to hang out with him. After only a few months, as much as she didn’t want to admit it to herself, she realized that she couldn’t resist his charm.

She knew he was a womanizer and had a huge ego, but she said “YES” when he proposed to her. They got married in 1991 on her 54th birthday, and only a month later, while they were driving in the car, she found out that he was cheating on her.

She was furious, beat him with a mobile phone and poured him a bottle of drink – but she still forgave him when he promised her that it would never happen again. In the following years, Fonda and Turner became one of the most famous and influential married couples in the world. They hung out with political leaders and artists, traveled and had fun … But, Jane felt more and more like she was living in a golden cage.

– Ted believes that his wife must be available to him 24 hours a day and that this is true love. It seems to me that he wants a nanny, not a wife – she explained why she is divorcing after ten years of marriage.

Difficult periods of life

One of the most difficult moments in her life was when she lost her father. At the time of his death, she ended her second marriage, and then she wanted to give up acting, because she no longer saw the point in everything.

“My father’s death is a tragedy for me that broke me completely. At that moment, I felt as if everything around me was collapsing. There was no longer a man who could protect me from all troubles,” she said.

Jane was shocked when she revealed in an interview with “Net-a-porter” magazine that she was raped and sexually abused as a girl, and she also admitted that she experienced various forms of sexual abuse during her acting career.

“I would have been fired because I didn’t want to sleep with my bosses. And I always thought it was my fault, that I didn’t do the right thing or that I said something I didn’t dare,” she recalled.

The life story of Jane Fonda


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