The life story of John Lennon

John Lennon - a life story

Four decades of John Lennon’s life were too little for the music legend to enjoy the family life he fell in love with only after a failed marriage and homosexual love, but enough for the leader of the famous Beatles to gain planetary fame.

There are few musicians who have gained so much recognition and praise during their lives as John Lennon, the most famous member of the former Liverpool band The Beatles, whose popularity does not wane even after his tragic death when he was killed by a fan Mark in a mad attack on December 8, 1980,. Chapman.

Although he lived only four decades, his name was remembered and recorded in the history of music, and his contribution to pop culture was recognized by many around the world, so the airport in Liverpool, the largest park in Havana, the park in Barcelona was named after him. Many monuments were erected in his honor, and a dozen biographies were written about his life.

This is the life story of John Lennon!

John Lennon - young

Earlier years

John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940, in Liverpool, as the only child of Julia Stanley Lennon and the merchant Alfred Lennon, after whose father he was named. His parents’ marriage was very unstable from the beginning and it soon became clear that it would not last long. Namely, his father traveled on one of his business trips, and when he returned a year later, he found his wife, John’s mother, pregnant with another man, which caused a quick divorce. Since her new husband’s family did not want to accept John, she gave him to his sister Mary Mimi Smith as a four-year-old boy, who, since she did not have children of her own, tried to give him all the love she needed.

– I grew up without a sense of belonging to my parents and home, which made me rebellious and a bit problematic very early on. I envied the children who had mom and dad, which I had longed for all my life – the famous “Beatles” admitted in an interview a few days before his death.

Although his father tried to get custody of him, he never succeeded, so the musician grew up surrounded by women. His mother visited him regularly, and it was she who instilled in him a love for music, buying him his first guitar as a gift.

– I remember that made me very happy. Then she told me to remember how wonderful it is to be able to play, but that you can’t make a living from music. As always, she was not right. Yet even though she was not present in my life, I was attached to her, and after she died after being run over by a car in 1958, I really cried. It is a trauma that I will never forget – said Lennon, who dedicated several songs to his T-shirt, of which his favorite were “Julia” and “Mother”.John Lennon - young

He was a very bad student at school, mostly because of the bad reputation he gained by making fun of both students and professors. He was constantly figuring out how to hurt others.

– I am very glad that I was such a child. I fought for the love of others as I could and knew, so I don’t perceive my behavior as something terrible – said John, who is a due to bad grades in school could only enroll in an art high school that marked his life.

The “Beatles”

– Right there, I met a girl named Cynthia Powell, with whom I became close over time, and in 1957, since I was not interested in calligraphy classes, with a few friends, I founded the band “Quarrymen”. Shortly afterwards, I also met Paul McCartney when my father advised him not to hang out with me at all, because I was already widely marked as a young man who caused various problems. Then we were joined by George Harrison and Stuart Suttkfil and we changed the name of the group to “The Beatles” – John explained how one of the best music groups of all time was formed.

John Lennon his first wife Cynthia Powell

Very quickly, the band, through performances in local communities, reached Hamburg in Germany, where they had their first concert outside their country, and shortly afterwards, they became popular throughout Europe. With his perfectionism and audacity, John positioned himself as the leader of the band, which none of his colleagues questioned. As their popularity grew day by day, the guys also found manager Brian Epstein who was gay and mostly credited with the Beatles recording their first single “Love Me to”. Since he was extremely dedicated to music, he understood his relationship with a high school girl Cynthia very superficially, but when she became pregnant, he decided to marry her.

– I was shocked when Cynthia told me that she was pregnant, because it was absolutely unplanned, I did what any man would do – I married her even though I honestly didn’t care about it – said John, who is destined to give his he uttered school love in the municipality of Liverpool on August 23, 1962, and his godfather was Brian Epstein.

Seven months later, his son Julian was born, when the famous musician was never too attached. It was in the 1960s, when real Beatlemania began, that Lennon began consuming LSD, a drug that aided his creativity but also developed the aggression that plagued his wife Cynthia the most, whom he beat very often. After the birth of the child, their marriage became a real horror. The musician began to realize in himself the love for people of the same sex, and very quickly he realized how much he was in love with his godfather Brian. The two of them traveled to Spain, and speculations about their romance began to circulate around the world.The Beatles

– It was almost real homosexual love. The two of us nurtured emotions towards each other, but we never consumed our love, we did not have sexual relations, which means that we were not even in a relationship – Lennon explained.

Yoko Ono – after her, nothing will be the same!

Still, his wife endured everything out of love, claiming that John is only bad when he drinks or consumes narcotics, but when she found out in 1966 that he was slowly falling in love with the girl Yoko Ono, she decided to divorce him, while the famous the musician was left to pay one hundred thousand pounds a month for alimony.

And while he was entering a relationship with an eccentric Japanese woman who was thirteen years older than him, the Beatles’ popularity had already reached such proportions that, wherever they appeared, the members of this band caused so much attention that they were not allowed to go out without security.

– We are more popular than Jesus Christ. I don’t know which will last longer – rock’n’roll or Christianity – is one of the most famous statements of the famous musician from that period.

After finding the woman he fell in love with endlessly and with whom he felt like a loved one, he realized what love means.

-Yoko It is the most perfect being that walks this planet, next to it I realized who I am and what I am – Lennon said about his mistress who soon became his wife.John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Just days after John divorced his first wife, Yoko Ono had their first child together. Although he looked at his new partner as a real deity, she set up a relationship with the musician so that it seemed to others that she did not love him at all. In addition, Yoko often stated in her interviews that the musician is a homosexual who does not want to admit it and continued to date other men. Despite that, Lennon and Ono got married on March 20, 1969, in Gibraltar, and spent their honeymoon in Amsterdam, where they took photos and a video in bed called “Bed in for Peace”, which advocated the idea of world peace.

Under the influence of a woman who despised him, Lennon began to feel constrained in the group that made him famous, so he left her in 1969,, which infuriated many of his fans.

– Before meeting Yoko, I thought that women were lower beings, so I treated them accordingly. I admit that I was violent and often unjust, but my second wife opened my eyes and helped me realize that I was wrong – Lennon said at the time, and to prove to his wife how much he loves her, he officially changed his name to John Winston It’s Lennon.John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Although he was initially very attached to his wife, his fascination with her slowly began to fade. At her urging, Lennon began a relationship with their associate Mei Fang Yi in 1973, and when, after eighteen months, Yoko decided that her husband enjoyed this young girl a lot, she told him that he had to leave her, which he without discussion and did.

– The relationship with May was a missed weekend in my life. I have always loved only one woman, and that is Yoko. Although May helped me establish a relationship with my son Julian when I had neither seen nor heard for a long time, she simply was not like Yoko, and that is enough for me to never look at her again – said John.

The birth of another son

The controversial Japanese woman regained control of the musician’s life when their son Sean was born in 1975, after she had previously threatened to have an abortion if she did not promise to be completely dedicated to her child. John Lennon, Yoko Ono and their son Sean

– From the first day of Sean’s life, I was committed to him without a shred of reserve. I photographed him every day, drew and sang to him, and he is my greatest love of my life. Sean is a child of love, while my first son simply happened to me and that’s why I neglected him, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him – the famous musician once explained.

Tragic death

However, Lennon did not have much time to enjoy his family life, because he was killed on December 8, 1980, in New York in front of the entrance to the building where he lived. He was killed by his fan Mark Chapman, who just a few hours earlier, the singer signed to his new album “Double Fantasy”. This faithful admirer of his work fired four bullets into the musician’s back, and although the ambulance arrived in a few minutes, the doctors at the nearby Roosevelt Hospital could only state the death.

John’s wife announced the next day that there would be no burial and that his body would be cremated, and the ashes sprinkled on Central Park, where today there is a memorial of this musical legend – the “Strawberry Fiedels” Memorial.

His executioner was sentenced to twenty years in prison, and he is still behind bars. In the will he left, the famous Beatles left everything to his wife Yoko Ono and their son, while his first wife and their son got nothing.Yoko Ono and John Lennon



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