The life story of Johnny Depp

The life story of Johnny Depp

In this text, I will tell you the life story of Johnny Depp, one of the best actors of today!

Today, he is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, and one of his first roles was in the teen television series “21 Jump Street”. It was this role that brought him the status of an idol among teenagers during the 80s.

He then collaborated with well-known directors, so that in 1986 he collaborated with Oliver Stone, and later made as many as nine films with director, producer and close friend Tim Barton. He has been nominated for three Oscars for Best Leading Actors in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” “In Search of the Underworld,” and “Sweeney Todd: The Hell Barber from Filt Street.”

In addition, he was nominated for ten “Golden Globes”, one of which he won. The Association of Film Actors nominated him four times for best actor, and the “British Academy of Sciences and Arts” nominated him three times for best actor. In 2012, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid actor in the world, earning $75 million. In 2015, he was declared a Disney legend.

The life story of Johnny Depp

Childhood and musical dream

Johnny Depp was born in Owensbro, Kentucky, on June 9, 1963. He is the youngest of four children of civil engineer John Christopher Depp and waitress Betty Sue Palmer.

During his childhood, he lived in twenty different places, because his family moved very often. Depp’s parents divorced in 1978 when he was 15 years old. His mother married Robert Palmer when Johnny often called her his inspiration. When he was 12, his mother bought him his first guitar, so he played in various bands in the neighborhood. A year after his parents divorced, he left high school to become a rock musician. Two weeks later, he tried to return to school, but the principal told him to follow his dreams in music.Johnny Depp - young

He performed with the band “The Kids”, but they did not achieve great success. So they decided to move to Los Angeles to find a production company that would offer them a contract to record an album. Then they changed their name to “Six Gun Method”, but the band disbanded before signing the contract. He later collaborated with the band “Rock City Angels” on their song “Mary” which was released on the album “Young Man’s Blues” released by “Geffen Records”.

In December 1983, Depp married Lori Annie Alison, the sister of his band’s bassist and singer. She introduced him to actor Nicholas Cage. However, John and Lori divorced in 1985. After that, Johnny walked many famous beauties, had two children with Vanessa Paradise, and only in 2015 he married actress Amber Heard. The couple divorced quite violently in 2017.

Career on film

Johnny Depp has been building a successful Hollywood career for more than 30 years, and the great power of transformation and good choice of roles have brought him the status of a world star.

He got his first major role in 1984 in the horror film “Fear in Elm Street”. He played the boyfriend of the heroine Nancy Thomson, played by Heather Langenkamp, who was one of the first victims of Freddie Krueger.Johnny Depp in film 'Fear in Elm Street'

After that, Depp tried a completely different genre, the comedy “Paradise Vacation”. The following year, he almost got the opportunity to play the main role in the drama “Thrashing”, but the producer changed his decision at the last moment. Instead, he got a supporting role in the film “Death Squad”, a war drama directed by Oliver Stone.

In 1990, he starred in the film “Crying”, a musical comedy by John Waters. Although the film was not a great success that year, it gained the status of a film classic in the following years. In the same year, he masterfully played the main role in the film “Edward Scissorhands” directed by Tim Barton. This role can be considered a turning point in his career, because a very successful collaboration with Barton, Depp opened many doors of film studios in Hollywood. The director and the actor became close friends even then.

In 1993, he made three very successful films – “Benny and June”, “What Eats Gilbert Grape”, and “Arizona Dream”, a film by Serbian director Emir Kusturica.

Problems with depression

A year later, when, as he himself admitted, he fell into depression and wanted to distance himself from acting, Tim Barton offered him a role in the film “Ed Wood”, a screened biography of one of the best directors of all time, Ed Wood. Depp admitted that this role gave him the opportunity to stand out and have a good time. The film met with positive reactions from critics and audiences, and the New York Times described him as an “established great actor.”

He was nominated for the Golden Globe in the Best Actor category. In the same year, he starred in three more films, “Don Juan de Marco”, “The Dead Man” and “Time Strait”. A short break followed, but Johnny Depp returned to the movie screens in 1997 in great style. Side by side with Al Pacino, he starred in the film “Donnie Brasco”. Depot was assigned the role of an FBI agent who was given the task of infiltrating the New York mafia. In order to portray that world as faithfully as possible, he spent some time with Joe Pistone, the man whose life story was the script for this film. This achievement was a great commercial success, and film critics called this role one of the best in Depp’s career so far.Johnny Depp in movie 'Arizona dream'

In the same year, he made the film “Warrior”, on which he worked as one of the producers. Then he got the opportunity to work with actor Marlon Brand. In 1998, the film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” followed, directed by Terry Gilliam. It is a film based on the 1971 novel of the same name by the American author Hunter S. Thomson. Depp played Raul Duke, a sport’s journalist who was given the task of writing an article about a motorcycle race in Las Vegas. Considering that writer and journalist Hunter S. Thomson was a great friend of his, Johnny Depp showed himself in the full glory of his acting talent in this film. A year later, he made the horror film “Sleeping Valley”. The screenplay for this film is based on the story “Legend of the Sleeping Valley”, by Washington Irving. In the same year, he got the lead role in the film “Ninth Gate”, a French-Spanish-American thriller directed and produced by Roman Polanski. The film is based on the book “The Club Dumas”, by Arthur Perez-Revente. In the same year, he shot the SF thriller “Astronaut’s Wife” with Charlize Theron.

In 2000, he filmed the romantic comedy “Chocolate”, which was nominated for five “Oscars”, eight “BAFTA” awards and four “Golden Globes”. In the same year, he starred with Javier Bardem in the biographical drama “Before Night Falls”, and also in the biographical story “White Powder” together with Penelope Cruz.Johnny Depp in movie 'Chocolate'

Pirates of the Caribbean

That year, he started cooperating with the production company “Disney”. He played Captain Jack Sparrow in the first part of the hit movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”. For this role, he was nominated for an “Oscar for Best Actor”, and Depp himself admitted that he was a crazy captain “a big part of himself”. Although the film’s producers were not particularly pleased with his acting, the audience adored him. In the same year, he was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film “In Search of Nedođija”. The following year, he played Willie Wonka in the film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, which reunited him with Tim Barton. The film was a huge success in cinemas around the world, and Depp was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the Best Actor category. That the Depp-Barton collaboration brings many interesting projects was also shown by the animated film “Dead Bride”, shot in 2005. In 2006, he played Captain Jack Sparrow again in the second sequel to “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Secret of the Chest” was a great success in cinemas around the world, and the third sequel, “At the End of the World”, only increased the earnings of everyone who worked on it. In addition, Depp collaborated on the creation of the video game “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow.” He later made the film “Dr. Parnassus’ Imagination” directed by Terry Gilliam. Johnny Depp, Jude Low and Colin Farrell, interpreted the character when the prematurely deceased Heath Ledger played before them. The actors gave all the money they earned to Ledger’s daughter Matilda. In 2010, a new collaboration with Barton followed in the film “Alice in Wonderland” in which he played Hatter, side by side with Helen Bonam, Carter and Anne Hathaway.

The following year, the fourth sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean, entitled “On Stranger Tides”, arrived in cinemas, repeating the success of previous parts.Johnny Depp in movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

That Barton without Depp is not Barton, was shown in the horror comedy “Dark Shadows” from 2012. The film is based on the dark soap opera of the same name, which was broadcast between 1966 and 1971, and which Depp adored. The actor was also one of the producers of the film, and it starred Helen Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green.

In 2015, he played Charlie Mordecai in the film “Mortdecai”, and began work on the films “London Fields” and “Yoga Lovers”. In 2016, he played Donald Trump, a businessman and candidate for the presidency of the United States in the parody “Donald Trump: The Art of Business.” In the same year, he again starred as Shershirdzhi in the second sequel to “Alice in Wonderland.” He also appeared briefly in Fantastic beasts and where to find them ”from 2016. In 2017, a new sequel to“ Pirates of the Caribbean ”was recorded called“ Salazar’s Revenge ”.

Nominations and awards

Johnny Depp has been nominated three times for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Jack Sparrow in the first part of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “In Search of the Underworld” and “Sweeney Todd: The Hell Barber.” from Fleet Street ”. The “Oscar” narrowly escaped him all three times. He was twice nominated for Best Leading Actor by the British Academy of Sciences and Arts, also for his excellent performance in the first part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “In Search of Nedođija”. He has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award nine times, and won it in 2007 for his role in “Sweeney Todd: The Hell Barber from Fleet Street.” In addition to numerous awards he received thanks to his excellent acting skills and a very good selection of films, Depp has been nominated for the Golden Raspberry three times in the “worst actor” category. His acting in the films “The Lone Ranger”, “Montedecai” and “Alice Behind the Mirror” was rated the worst.

Johnny Depp - the life story

Production career

Johnny Depp founded the production company “infinitum Nihil” in 2004. As a founder, he took on the role of CEO, while his sister Kristi Dembrovski is the president of the company. The first film made in “infinitum Nihil” was “Drunk Diary” from 2011. Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” adventure was also filmed at Depp’s production house, as well as Tim Barton’s “Dark Shadows” from 2012.

Music career

With film, Depp also successfully built a music career. He has performed and collaborated with many famous musicians. He played guitar on the song “Fade In-Out” from the album “Be Here Now” by the British band “Oasis”. He also played acoustic guitar in the film “Chocolate” and the title song in the film “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”. He also played drums and guitar on the album with Carly Simon in the song “You`re So Vain”, which was included on Merlin Manson’s album “Born Villain” in 2012. He performed with Manson at several concerts. Together with the actress, Natalie Portman appeared in the video for the song “My Valentine” by Paul McCartney. Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp in the video for the song 'My Valentine' by Paul McCartney

Private life

Johnny Depp, in addition to his roles in films, also attracts the attention of the public with his turbulent private life. After only a few months of living in Los Angeles together with members of his band “The Kids”, Johnny Depp married beautician Lori Alison. She introduced him to the actor and producer, Nicholas Cage, and that acquaintance brought him his first important role in the film “Fear in Elm Street”.

The couple divorced two years later. He met his second great love, Sherilyn Fenn, during the filming of the student film “Dummies”. They soon got engaged, and Sherlyn appeared in one of the episodes of his hit series “21 Jump Street”. After they broke up, she got a role in the cult series “Twin Peaks”.

The star of the movie “Sticky Dance”, Jennifer Gray, soon won the heart of young Depp. They were engaged, but very little is known about their relationship. What the media claimed at the time was that the love disappeared when Depp met his next big love, actress Winona Ryder.Johnny Depp and Jennifer Gray

They met at the premiere of “Great Balls of Fire” in June 1989, and very quickly became inseparable. Five months after the first meeting, they got engaged, and they made the first joint film “Edward Scissorhands”. Three years later, the relationship ended, and Johnny changed his “Wine Forever” tattoo to “Wine Forever”. After breaking up with Winona, he briefly dated actress Ellen Barkin. Johnny and nine-year-old Ellen have mostly appeared together at film premieres. The nineties were turbulent when it came to his love life. At a small bistro in Manhattan, Depp met model Kate Moss, with whom he stayed for four years. The paparazzi “caught” them in various situations – from passionate kisses to furious quarrels. In September 1994, Depp was arrested for destroying a hotel room, allegedly due to an argument with Kate.

Shortly after breaking up with the model, Depp began a relationship with Vanessa Paradise, a French actress and singer whom he met during the filming of “The Ninth Gate.” In 1999, they had a daughter, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, and in 2002, a son, John Jack Christopher Depp III.Johnny Depp - the life story

The marriage with Vanessa lasted until 2012, when the couple announced that they were divorcing. During the filming of “Drunk Diary”, Depp met actress and model Amber Heard. They got married in February 2015 in Los Angeles, and a year later, they announced their divorce. The actress accused him of abuse, and photos of her blue face hiding from a journalist leaked to the public. At the court hearing in which Amber accused him of domestic violence, Depp did not appear, and his lawyers claimed that the actress was using manipulation in order to secure herself financially.

Depp’s legal representatives claimed that the ban on approaching him, which Amber requested from the court, was the result of negative media articles about her. The media reported that the actor does not intend to be near her, and that all that pomp is the result of her desire to extract money from Depp. In the divorce petition she filed, the actress stated irreconcilable differences, and after she appeared in court with a bruise on her face, she asked for a restraining order. The court granted a temporary restraining order, and Amber Heard was given the right to live in their shared apartment. The request to get full custody of their dog Pistol was rejected by the court. Depot was ordered to take an anger control course.Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Financial problems

During 2017, Depp found himself in big financial trouble. The actor, who earned more than 650 million dollars in his career, was forced to sell his property in order to avoid bankruptcy. He first fired the managers who had been managing his finances since 1999, and after that he sued them, because they allegedly damaged him in the amount of 25 million dollars with wrong advice. The advisers retaliated with a counterclaim, demanding that Depp pay them half a million dollars in commission that he owed them. Information then appeared in the public that Depp owns 14 houses around the world, which he paid 75 million dollars for, and that, for wine alone, he allocates 30,000 dollars a month. In addition, the actor has 45 cars, 12 warehouses full of valuables that he bought at various auctions around the world, and numerous vineyards in France.

It flies exclusively by private planes. His divorce from Amber Heard cost him more than seven million dollars, which, along with compulsive spending, led him to have to start selling his property.

Johnny Depp - the life story



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