The life story of Margot Robbie

The life story of Margot Robbie

The best paid actress in the world is still a simple girl whose success did not hit her in the head.

She used to clean houses and waitress, and now she is one of the highest paid actresses.

The largely well-informed Hollywood Reporter recently announced that a new, female version of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is being shot, starring Australian Margot Robbie. She is one of the busiest and highest paid in Hollywood in the last few years – this is the first time she will wear a pirate’s uniform in front of the camera. This is not strange for her, because she has already shown that she can play a variety of roles – from comic book heroine Harley Quinn, to the Queen of England, a war reporter and a paid killer.

That is not the only thing he plans to do in the coming months. Apart from the fact that she recently finished shooting a new part of “Detachment of the Write-Offs”, a film in which she played the crazy comic book heroine Harley Quinn for the first time, she is also preparing to shoot a drama with Christian Bale to redeem himself for his week by killing former members of his death squad…

The following is the life story of Margot Robbie, the most beautiful and highest paid actress of today!

The life story of Margot Robbie

Earlier years

Margot Robbie was born on July 2, 1990, in Dalby, a town in northeastern Australia. She grew up with her mother Sarah Kessler, a physiotherapist, brothers Lahlan and Cameron as well as sister Anja. Doug Robbie’s father left the family shortly after her birth and has little contact with him. To help her family, Margo worked part-time as a waitress, making sandwiches and cleaning houses at the age of 16. Even then, she was attracted to acting, so she enrolled in dramatic art at Somerset College in a small town near the Gold Coast. From there, she went to Melbourne, on the other side of Australia, where there was a lot more work for the young actress who has yet to build a career.

She initially shot commercials, appeared in two small independent films, and then auditioned for the role in “Neighbors,” Australia’s most popular and longest-running television series, in which Nicole Kidman broke through before her, but and many other future Hollywood stars. She did not excel at the audition, so she expected that someone else would get the role. That’s why she didn’t even wait to be contacted, so she took the opportunity when she saw an advertisement for cheap skiing in Canada and left with friends.

The life story of Margot Robbie

But, she had to end her winter vacation unexpectedly after only a few days – because she was told that she still got the role and that filming would start in a week. She played Donna Friedman in the series, a girl who, in addition to men, is also interested in women, and although it was originally planned to appear in only a few episodes, her character was so liked by the Australian audience that she became a permanent member of the team. The first episode with her in the role of Donna aired in October 2008, and the following year, Margot Robbie was nominated for Best Debutant at the Australian Actor’s Awards Logie. She starred in that series for three years; her last episode aired in 2011, and the same year Margo Robbie was nominated for the most popular Australian actress.

But, her success in her homeland was not enough – she decided to go to America. She had been thinking about it for a long time – that’s why she used her free time to practice the American accent, wanting to come ready for Hollywood.

The life story of Margot Robbie

Hike to Hollywood

“I couldn’t allow myself to get only Australian roles in America. I knew what the producers were looking for: to look good, to know how to act and to be able to interpret American roles,” she said on one occasion.

At first, she lived in New York and auditioned in Los Angeles. She applied for the role in “Charlie’s Angels”. She didn’t get it, but the producers offered her something else – a role in the series “Pan Am” in which she also starred in Christina Richie. Margot Robbie was in it for one season, until it was canceled due to poor ratings, but even those 14 episodes, as many as she had recorded so far, were enough for the young Australian to be noticed by Hollywood producers.

A year after the cancellation of the series “Pan Am”, she starred in the film “The Right Moment”, and in 2013 she starred in the film “Wolf of Wall Street” directed by Martin Scorsese, in which she was a partner of Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. There are also scenes in the film in which the nude appears, which was not easy for her to shoot.

“If you already have to undress in front of the camera, then it’s best to do it in a film directed by Martin Scorsese,” my agent told me. Indeed, Scorsese was great. In one scene, he even offered to cover me with a robe, but I realized that nudity was really needed in her, so I refused. But, before we started filming, I drank three tequilas one after the other to encourage myself, “the actress said afterwards.

The life story of Margot Robbie

The film was an incredible success, and Margot Robbie became the new Hollywood star.

However, success did not hit her in the head. “It was all very strange to me. Before “Wolf of Wall Street”, I didn’t really know any celebrities. I had no idea how this business actually worked at such a high level,” she said.

Very soon, after “The Wolf of Wall Street”, she made the British low-budget film “French Suite” and after that, she stayed in London with the company she met on the set. Although she already received a generous fee and was able to afford a luxurious lifestyle, she gave money from Wall Street to her mother to pay off a mortgage on the house, and she herself lived in a rented and dilapidated house in the Klapam suburb of London shared with five other young filmmakers. Among them was Tom Ackerley, the third assistant director in the film “French Suite”. The merry company in Klapa had a good time, visited pubs in the neighborhood and made plans for stellar careers. On weekends, they often went on trips to Amsterdam, where they slept in a hostel, attended music festivals, slept in a tent… “We acted like we were in a dormitory”, described Margot Robbie, who lived in a dormitory at that time she fell in love with Tom Ackerley.

The love of her life

“I was weird about what was happening to me. I didn’t believe in relationships, I was sick of the idea that I should live with someone and I thought I would never get married. And then it happened. We were friends for a very long time. I think I actually fell in love with him quickly, but I suppressed those feelings because I didn’t believe a man like Tom could love me. I said to myself, “Don’t show it to him, don’t be ashamed, don’t be stupid”.

And then everything happened quickly and somehow it became logical that we were in a relationship, suddenly everything had its meaning, “the actress recalled.

The life story of Margot Robbie

She and Tom were married on December 18, 2016, on a private estate in Byron Bay, Australia, to which they invited only their family and closest friends. Ackerley wore a dark suit, Robbie a beige wedding dress without a veil, but – they didn’t want to be photographed, so all the guests had to leave their mobile phones before arriving. Her bridesmaid was her sister Anya, and her mother Sari brought her to the altar – the father who left them when she was still young did not even invite her to the wedding.

The couple continued to live in a new, beautiful house they bought in California, working together for their production company “LuckyChap Entertainment”, which is also responsible for the film “Birds of Prey and the emancipation of the famous Harley Quinn”. Namely, it was the idea of Margo Robbie to give a film to her character from “Detachment of the Written Off”, so she produced it with her husband, and the financial effect was so good that the couple is now planning at least one more sequel.

Margo Robbie, meanwhile, starred in the Oscar-winning film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, in which she played Sharon Tate, again with Leonardo DiCaprio as a film partner. With several roles in preparation, an annual salary of more than twenty million dollars and a happy marriage to Tom Ackerley, the Australian actress really doesn’t have to worry about the future.

The life story of Margot Robbie


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