The life story of Salma Hayek

The life story of Salma Hayek

I’ m still waiting for a man who has bigger balls than me – said a few years ago the indomitable sexy Latino diva Salma Hayek, who, it seems, valued her freedom much more than marriage.

Many believed that the day would not dawn when the Mexican actress would become someone’s wife, but she, completely unexpectedly, in her 42nd, got married in secret under the Parisian sky on Valentine’s Day, for the father of her daughter, a French billionaire and CEO of one of the strongest French firms PPR, Francois Henri Pinault.

In the following text, I will tell you the life story of Salma Hayek, a great fighter and protector of the endangered and humiliated!

She is fiery, indomitable, rebellious and always just her own!

Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez, married name Salma Hayek Pinault was born on September 2, 1966, in the town of Coatzacoalcos near the largest Mexican port of Veracruz. Her mother, Diana, already had a serious career as an opera singer at the time, and thanks to her husband, Lebanese Sami Hayek, a respected oil expert with great political ambitions, she lived on a high footing. The curious girl Selma, always ready for various flirtations with her younger brother Semi, today a highly respected designer of furniture and household items, was raised in great luxury, but also in a strict Catholic spirit. Salma Hayek - young

– As a child, I had everything I wanted. If I wanted a tiger, I would get it. I was a real spoiled brat who spent the winter in the most expensive American resorts, and spent the summer on the most beautiful shores of the Mediterranean – explains the passionate beauty. Selma showed her indomitable nature as early as the age of 12 at the Sacred Heart Catholic School in Louisiana, where she brought unrest to the nuns’ hitherto peaceful life with her long tongue.

– I did everything for them. The day I put their alarm clock back three hours, so they would jump out of bed in the middle of the night, they literally conspired against my staying in school and kicked me out with the explanation that I was unbearable and uncontrollable – remembers the Mexican film diva who is in high school graduated from her mother’s sister in Houston, and then enrolled in international relations studies at the “Universidad Iberoamericana” in Mexico. Although, thanks to her father’s connections, a secure future awaited her in political waters, an unpleasant event from her student days turned Selma into a great admirer of dramatic art.

A turning point in life!

Namely, a beautiful student was at a love meeting one evening, she was abducted! The kidnappers held a gun to the back of her neck for nine hours and released her when her boyfriend’s parents paid the ransom. After that, she left her studies and, despite her parents’ resentment, decided to become an actress.

The life story of Salma Hayek

– During school, I was separated from my family and I was only with my parents during the holidays, or when they would come to see me, which was very rare considering that they worked a lot. Although I don’t blame them today, because I became very independent as a child, I really hated them then, because we were separated. It’s scary when you go to bed in a cold room at night and you can’t sleep, because you miss the hugs and kisses of mom and dad – the story of an actress whose school didn’t go very well, which was also contributed by her illness.

– As a twelve-year-old girl, it was stated that I was suffering from dyslexia, which worried me a lot, and my parents were not with me. I had a problem with writing and learning, I was a bad student and I believed I was worthless. Although I later managed to overcome that feeling, I became very shy and, unlike many of my colleagues, I never dreamed of being an actress or any celebrity, because I was afraid of public appearances and I was always nervous – Selma recalls who from the moment she realized she wanted to act, she by no means wanted to give up on her dreams.

The life story of Salma Hayek

Moving to Hollywood

– I’ m not ashamed that I started my career in a soap opera, because it helped me get out of anonymity. Women on the street began to recognize me and I liked it very much, but I felt that it was not that and that I could do much more. So I decided to go to Hollywood and try to succeed. I was determined to become someone and something, even though many laughed at me, both because of my funny accent and because I acted like a child from the village – describes Selma, who only managed to get a big screen in 1995. In the film “Desperado”, where her partner was the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas.

After the role in the most awarded Mexican film “Street of Miracles”, Salma’s next destination was – Hollywood. Immediately after arriving in 1991, she realized that Mexican women in American film could only get the roles of maids and prostitutes. But that didn’t sway her either. Her friendship with Mexican director Robert Rodriguez, whose children she became a godmother for, led her slowly but surely towards Hollywood success, which was a special challenge for her, because with her sensuality she was never even close to the appearance of most starving American actresses.

– When I arrived in America, that promised land, and started attending acting classes, everything was for me, but not easy. Everyone was closing the door on me. I couldn’t find a job anywhere, no agent wanted to represent me, because he didn’t believe that a Mexican woman could succeed. For them, I was just a person from whom they could take money.The life story of Salma Hayek

I went to various auditions, but there was no success. Although my parents kept calling me to come home and telling me that it was a corrupt world, I had a growing desire to make my dream come true, and then I accidentally got a role in making “Desperado”, because somehow I fit in. in that character. The film became a big hit, which slowly made my dream come true – claims Selma, who can thank for her popularity and gorgeous curves which, despite the rules according to which young actresses should not be overweight, did not want to correct the diet:

– I can’t be on a diet, then I’m in a bad mood. I’ve never been to the gym. The funniest thing for me is when girls see some untouchable beauty in me. My beauty lies in my personal decision to be what I’ m, not in my beautiful thighs, because they are full of cellulite – admitted Selma, who showed acting enthusiasm in films like “Desperado”, “From Dusk Till Dawn” and of course, ” Frida “, which in 2003 deservedly brought her an Oscar nomination and nicotine addiction, which has not been completely resolved until today.

Salma Hayek in movie 'Desperado'

Private life

Although she always raised dust with her fearless nature wherever she appeared, details from her love life never filled the newspaper columns. She ended her four-year relationship with actor Edward Norton because he could not resist other women. Salma’s one-year romance with her blonde colleague Josh Lucas also quickly ended.

– After the breakup with Edward, I met Josh and it is not true that I have ever been in comparative relationships, although some tabloids wrote that. I’ m not such a person, I’ m allergic to lies and I never do that, I believe in God and I could never deceive anyone. I made an ideal man out of Josh in my head, but then I realized that he was too calm and could not cope with my nature, which is often very over. I don’t blame him, I didn’t leave him, nor is he me.

Edward Norton and Salma Hayek

We were just too different, he wanted marriage and children, and I wasn’t ready for that then. I wanted to get married and be a mother only when I managed to put up with myself and my nervousness. I think it is the best decision I have ever made in my life – says the actress.

For the next few years, the fiery Selma devoted herself only to work and proved herself in several cinema hits, but she refused to reveal whether she had a boyfriend or was alone. She talked about how she wants to dedicate herself and upgrade her personality.

– It was such a period. I’m tired of people wondering who I’m with, who I’m seeing, who I’m sleeping with. I outgrew that. I no longer enjoyed fame. I was alone for two years and I really needed that. I had suitors, but I didn’t get into emotional relationships, because I felt exhausted. I’ m not half, but the whole woman and I always give myself completely. I don’t believe that a man is capable of loving only once. I was in great love with each of my men, so much so that I would sacrifice my life for him, and then I realized that it was not good and that I no longer felt comfortable doing it. Once you get out of a relationship, you have to be alone and figure out what you want. That year, while abstaining from emotions, I realized that I was mature enough, because for the first time I felt loved and realized that I was loved by friends, family, people on the street and that I did not need the love of a certain gentleman at all – she said then an artist.The life story of Salma Hayek

That is why, when she met the richest Frenchman, Francois-Henri Pinault, at a large art exhibition in Venice’s “Palazzo Grassi” in 2006, no one believed that the meeting would be fateful. But when she gave birth to her first and third child, Valentin Palom, on September 21, 2007, an unbreakable bond was formed between them.

– When I met Francois, I didn’t believe that I would have anything to do with him, and then I started to believe that he was the ideal man for me. I became pregnant and became aware that the only thing I want in life is to become a mother. And when my princess was born, I was really happy. I realized that in previous years I was not, but I felt lonely, and since I have a daughter, I know that I will never be alone again – the actress points out.

Although they became the parents of a little girl in 2007, Selma and the chosen one of her heart got married only two years later and prepared two weddings for the occasion, one in Paris and the other in Venice.Salma Hayek and Francois Pinault

– First we were engaged, and then we broke up. Francois started to annoy me and I couldn’t imagine being his wife, and then when we broke up for a while, I realized how much I loved him that I couldn’t do without him. That is why I finally decided to get married, but also so that I would not remain a settler, since that is the most terrible curse in my homeland – the artist joked. We had two weddings and both times it was wonderful. I never fantasized about that day, and when he finally came, I realized why the girls are so happy for him. I can say that now, at the age of fifty-one, I have finally settled down and grown up. Although I always wanted to be a child, I finally became a woman. I’ m still getting used to that role and I can say that it is not at all interesting or easy for me – the lady, one of the greatest fighters for the rights of women who are victims of domestic violence, ends with a smile.

That her love for her husband is true for a lifetime is also evidenced by the data from 2011 when she decided to go through the scandal that Francois prepared for her after the media revealed that model Linda Evangelista gave birth to his son Augustine James, and then asked for it. And alimony of $46,000 a month.

Selma was silent at first, and then she stated that she was shocked, because the model was silent about the father of her child for four years, since the two of them had an affair when he took a break in connection with the actress, which is why he later kept silent about the adventure.

As the racial beauty decided to return to him after six months, and then they got married in Paris in 2009, Francois did not even dream what would happen next. However, the media quarrel that threatened to ruin his relationship with Hayek was not allowed by her, who decided to forgive him everything and continue where they left off – in passionate love and commitment to their common daughter.The life story of Salma Hayek


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