The life story of Tori Spelling

Many young women from the film industry grew up in Hollywood and are often called princesses in the media, but few have really lived like princesses. In that parallel universe, where every wish is fulfilled, the connection with reality is easily lost. Tori Spelling knows this best.

Nothing could prepare her for the life that her destiny intended for her, so she has been suffering from problems for years, first of all financially, but also emotionally.

The ups and downs that have followed her from the moment she became a favorite of America and the world thanks to her role in the series “Beverly Hills, 90120”, seem to have culminated in previous years. From her home it is as if she is screaming for a call for help, and the emergency services are receiving calls from the woman before the breakdown.

Although there is no official confirmation, it is not difficult to guess that it is about Torah, today a mother of five children, who is going through the worst period so far. Even the public confession of her husband’s infidelity, four years ago, did not hit her so hard. And when money is not a problem, so you get everything that can be bought, there is no guarantee that you will be happy.

Ordinary mortals, with ordinary incomes, believe that these words are fabrications and that the world would be a better place for them if they were not tormented by finances. But money really isn’t luck, and Tori Spelling is living proof.

She grew up in an abundance that is impossible to imagine, and all she wanted was more parental attention and love.

In the following text, I will tell you the life story of Tori Spelling!


Since May 16, 1973, when she was born in Los Angeles, Victoria Davey Spelling has lived like a movie star. It is no different when your father is the greatest film and television producer of an era, the legendary Aaron Spelling, who is credited with revolutionary projects such as “Dynasty”, and your mother Candy is a former model. Even the godparents, Dean Martin and Barbara Stanwick, were world-famous stars. From the age of five, Tori attended acting classes and as a girl she got episodic roles in her father’s series, such as “The Love Boat”, “Hotel” and “Fantasy Island”. Many point out that she is a true example of Hollywood nepotism, because without her dad she would probably never have gotten any major role, especially not that of Donna in the series “Beverly Hills, 90210”,, which made her famous.

At that time, comments could be heard that it was not difficult for her to enjoy the role, because she also attended Beverly Hills High School and that she naturally liked the lifestyle of the characters in that incredibly popular series. Her brother Randy was also an actor, and at the age of 17 he got a role in the series “Malibu Shores” produced by Dad Spelling, but over the years he lost interest in the job and became a life coach. As a child, Tori was interested in the same things as her peers and did not worry about what anyone would think of her.

The reality of the environment in which she grew up hit her at the age of 12 and after that nothing was the same anymore. The family was editing for the annual photo with the dogs, and she couldn’t adjust the bangs in any way. Dressed as best she could, she went to her parents’ bathroom and innocently asked her mother if she was beautiful. Kedney looked at her and said, “You will be when we fix your nose.”,

Tori was left in shock and couldn’t stop thinking about her nose, which she hadn’t considered a problem until then. Her mother did not even remember that remark, which left a trace. When Tori enrolled in the subject “Human Development”, the teacher asked the students to keep a diary. After reading Tora’s story about the nose, she invited her parents for an interview.

Returning from school, Tori found her mother crying. She swore she didn’t say that, she just didn’t remember. Her daughter had nose surgery as soon as she turned 16 and learned something important – the others don’t see her the way she sees herself. She quickly realized that her nose, as well as other parts of her body, lifestyle and every event in public and private life, would be interesting to the tabloids.

– For the media, I was a rich spoiled daughter of TV producer Aaron Spelling.

They claimed that I grew up in the largest family residence in California. They said that my dad put artificial snow on my lawn for Christmas.

They said that I was the ultimate example of nepotism, a horrible actress who nevertheless got the lead role in her father’s hit series. They took me down to Don Martin, my Beverly Hills character, a stupid virgin and blonde. Afterwards, they wrote about my wedding, divorce and another wedding. They reported on how I was disinherited and how I was arguing with my mother, about the birth of my son.

What I learned from my ugly nose was a million times true: the details of my life were and will be considered public property – the actress complained in the book about her life “S Tori Telling”. No one looked at things from her angle and realized how much disappointment had accumulated in her.

Planning a fairytale wedding with the wrong man, begging the casting director to forget that Donna Martin ever existed, killing from work and crazy shopping, falling in love and being hurt when love disappears – apart from the unlimited shopping and the million dollars spent on the wedding, that’s the story similar to many others and far beyond Hollywood. It is true that the father fulfilled every wish of his princess.

And more than that. On Christmas Day, when it was 27 degrees in California, she really had snow in the yard, twice. For the first time, it was real snow and ice brought in bags with snow that they made in the film studio. The second time Tori was ten and the technology advanced, so Dad Aaron rented an artificial snow cannon and built a toboggan run along the tennis courts that lasted for three days. It was an attraction that many celebrities came to see, such as Robert Wagner and Mel Brooks.

For each birthday, she would receive a Madame Alexander doll, which Tori calls a barbie for the rich and a matter of prestige, incredibly expensive, with which she has never played. After the initial delight, the doll would be stored in a display case in a specially marked and lit place.

As much as it cost, it was just another disappointment for her, because she couldn’t change her clothes, comb her hair … No money was saved for the celebration. They were always carefully designed parties with a bunch of activities, popular characters interesting to children, entertainers, plays, the best treats …

Godfather Dean Martin gave her, among other things, a branch that had a $20 bills instead of each leaf.

Her parents could not give her the opportunity to be like other children.

The class party at the end of the sixth grade was also organized by the Spelling family. They paid for the performance of the orchestra of the University of California, which has several hundred members. In the whole mess, Tori didn’t even notice them at first, because she was occupied by other things.

– I remember what a 12-year-old girl remembers: a dance floor and a DJ and the hope that a guy I like will ask me for a sentiment on Madonna’s hit “Crazy for You”. I remember swimming in the pool. I remember the sadness because we will all go to another school. I remember being a little ashamed when my mother played hula hoops on the dance floor, but I’m sure I was very ashamed of the orchestra – she said.

For her, everything always had to be even better and even more expensive, but at some point she had to wonder if such spectacles are really made for her sake? Halloween costumes by designer Nolan Miller, as imagined by their parents, are always important historical figures. When she finally got the right to vote and was an ordinary rabbit, in a costume made of pink faux fur, she had to go home after a few hours due to allergies.

With all the privileges that the title of a rich dad’s sweetheart brings, Tori remembers the greatest situations and time spent with her parents with the greatest joy. Holidays in the house in Malibu and long walks as well as looking for shells in the sand or collecting dog poop on the lawn of the large yard of the family house. At that time, they did not live in a villa with 103 bedrooms, but the garden was large enough.

The memories of exotic shells took on a different dimension, however, when she accidentally read an interview with her parents on a family trip to Europe and learned that her mother procured shells and put them on the beach so she could find them. She was really looking forward to that trip, because they usually rested in Las Vegas or some other destination that they could reach by car. Aaron Spelling had a terrible fear of flying, so he never traveled by plane. They reached Europe by boat, and Tori enjoyed sailing, because she participated in children’s art workshops every day.

Not wanting to be like the other children in the class, Tori asked her father for pocket money. He decided to give her five dollars, but he has to do it and clean the dog poop lawn with him once a week. The other children received 25 cents each, so she asked for that much. They had, of course, employees who took care of cleanliness and probably got the task to leave a good part so that the richest man in Hollywood and his daughter would have enough work. Along with that lawn, the Tories have some of the most beautiful memories.

There she played softball, hung out with Dad and grew vegetables in the garden. One year she planted zucchini and one grew to the size of a newborn. She was photographed posing with vegetables, and her father was very proud of her success. Only the best and greatest were suitable for his family. Tori has always had a turbulent relationship with her mother. They never understood each other, even in peaceful periods without quarrels.

– I love my mom, my mom loves me, but we don’t have a simple relationship. I don’t think we’ll ever have him, but I’d rather have a complicated relationship full of misunderstandings than none at all – the actress commented on the complex relationship with her mother Kenid, so complex that they didn’t hear each other on the day of her father’s death, but Tori found out about it sent by a friend. As a child, she would sit with her father in the jacuzzi by the pool and listen to him make up stories. An evil witch from the castle would always appear in them, and Tori would imagine her mother in that role.


She started her professional career very early, with 17, the role of the planetary popular Done Martin in one of the most famous tin series of all time – “Beverly Hills, 90210”,. Dad is rumored to have controlled her image in the series until the last episode, which is why Dona’s character was so good and innocent.

But, no matter how innocent she looked on the screen, behind the cameras, a completely different scenario took place, a more realistic one. Of course there was falling in love, good and bad relationships between the actors. It was inevitable to get to know people closely from all perspectives after so much time spent together.

Many years later, in the series “Celebrity Lie Detector”, she revealed that she was briefly involved with two colleagues during the filming of the series. Brian Austin Green, the current husband of Megan Fox, who played the character of Donna’s boyfriend David in the series, was the first, and Jason Presley, that is. Brandon, others.

These were not important connections, and the one with Jason happened one summer out of the set.

Opinions were and still are divided about her talent and acting performance. Some felt that she justified the trust and no doubt had potential for other major roles, while others saw it as a pure fulfillment of a girl who, if her father was not such an important name in the film industry, would never be even close to the lead role.

Financial problems

When Tori got that serious job and with it a serious salary, her father expected a more reasonable attitude towards what she earned. But, he still bore all the costs and without talking huge sums for various needs, he showed how much he loves her. It was his style that he decided to change just before the end of his life. Namely, the whole world was shocked by the fact that Aaron Spelling left only 800,000 dollars for the children after his death, but not Tori.

– It was a difficult conversation. I didn’t want to think about asking him for money or talking about something that would happen when he wasn’t there, but I think I needed that kind of conversation … both me and my brother. We had lunch and he said, “You’ll be fine. I took care of it. You will get a little less than a million “,- said Tori. How he was just wrong. For someone who has led a normal life, that would probably be the case, but Tori is nowhere near it.

She hated herself for thinking that it might be different, that she would change her mind. Reconciled to fate, she turned the plate.

– I turned into my father’s daughter and started thinking about how I would earn money – he says.

Her financial problems started even earlier, but soon took on more serious proportions. If she thought she was making serious money when she organized the sale of personal belongings, she was wrong. She just drew even more attention to herself, even in a negative context. Someone then bought Jason Presley’s wedding invitation with her signature for five dollars. It is not enough to say that Jason was disappointed with such a move, which he shared with everyone on social networks. Finding a bright spot in Tora’s acting career after “Beverly Hills” is really hard. She does not carry the nickname “queen of TV movies” for no reason. Titles such as “Family Plan”, “Hush”, “The House Sitter”, “Kiss the Bride” and “The Mistle-Tones”, say that it is mostly a light family party that does not bring royalties like those actors with A list.

She lent her voice to characters in animated films and series, but also occasionally got roles in TV series like “Smallville” or “Mystery Girls,” and there’s an episodic return to the revamped “90210”. Putting it all together, her fame is mostly based on the past, money problems, family intrigues presented in the reality show “True Tori”, where the adultery of her current husband Dean McDermott is analyzed in detail, as well as the meeting with her ex-husband. She also earned some money from books about her life and those intended for children, but too little to satisfy her appetites.

– Bad shopping habits die hard. Quite frankly, I grew up in a certain way. I never had to worry about money … that was my reality – she commented on the fact that she can’t solve financial problems in any way. Candy’s mother claims that she was an incredibly big spender.

– She would close the store and leave 50 to 60 thousand dollars in it. I have never done anything like that. She simply went crazy – she said, describing why the late Spelling decided to leave her a symbolic sum, considering the possibilities.

Most of the huge property belonged to Candy, who, when they are on good terms, helps her daughter with her expenses and takes on a good part of the bill. There are also special occasions, so she paid for the gift-giving celebration before the birth of Beau’s youngest grandson at the Bel Air Hotel.

Handsome young men were a normal occurrence in the life of a young rich woman and a promising actress. Nick Savalas, the son of Telia Savalas, and Tori lived together for several years during the first seasons of “Beverly Hills”, but she later stated that he was not the best towards her. She also loved Julian Lennon, Patrick Muldun, Greg Vaughn and Vincent Young, who played her boyfriend Noah in Beverly Hills. All actors and singers, show business faces, and very handsome, because she moved in such circles.


After meeting Charlie Chanyan, she settled down. She believed that this was what she wanted for the rest of her life, and Candy’s mother gladly prepared a dream wedding for her. It was later learned that Charlie had never loved his mother-in-law, and he was especially upset that she could not learn to pronounce his last name correctly.

The million-dollar wedding in the style of “The Great Gatsby” and old Hollywood on the Spelling estate for 350 guests was spectacular, but the marriage was a little less.

– Fifteen months of marriage and then I open the “National Enquirer” and see a photo of my wife dancing in the lap of another – complained the actor and writer to whom Tori officially gave her leg during therapy, when she revealed to him that she married him because she he loved and cared for her, and she thoughtfully showed him only 10 percent of her personality.

– I got married with the best intentions, hopes and dreams. I feel I have disappointed people. I disappointed everyone who was at the wedding. I disappointed myself – said Tori.

Although he was initially broken, Charlie eventually forgave his ex and moved on. Tori cheated on Charlie while filming “Mind Over Murder” in Canada with her current husband Dean McDermott. He was also married to Mary Jane, with whom he has a son, Jack Montgomery, and with whom he was in the process of adopting the girl Lola at the time.

Tori and Dean felt an incredible attraction and ended up in bed on the first night. After finishing filming and before going home, they agreed to leave their spouses. While Dean managed to gather courage on a family trip to Palm Springs and tell Mary that he fell in love and moved on, Tori was overtaken by the media. She probably allowed it on purpose.

A month after her divorce from Charlie ended, Tori said “yes” to Dean in a romantic ceremony in Hawaii. Soon, in 2007, the first son, Liam Aron, arrived, and in the next 12 years, the family expanded to include two more daughters, Stella Dorin and Hattie Margaret, as well as boys, Finn Dave and Beau Dean. That not everything is ideal in a spouse’s relationship became clear very quickly.

His infidelity in early 2014, reached the public: on the cover of “US Weekley”, it was announced that Dean got involved with Emily Goodhand. Poetic justice, Charlie might say. She wondered if she wanted to talk about it in front of everyone at all, and then she decided to put all the confused feelings in her reality show “True Tori”. Dean agreed.

– Then he was in rehab and just said: “Sit … alone. I will do whatever we need to preserve this connection, “she said. The actress, it seems, still has something to think about and sort out her feelings when it comes to her first husband. In order to calm down in that field as well, their meeting took place in her reality show, after which she returned home in tears, deeply moved.

While she was in his company, she felt like she was with her family, safe and careful, and then a loss followed when they broke up.

– I remember feeling safe with him. When I left, I suddenly felt completely alone, I don’t know why – she sobbed, recounting Dina, who was suffering from a migraine, meeting Charlie.

It is difficult to say how much honesty is documented in that reality show, because Tori has said publicly several times that she takes care of every little thing that is filmed. When the fabric runs out, everything can be set up to make the show interesting to the public again. Some go so far as to claim that Mederot’s scam is also a common marketing ploy.

Main role

Torin’s main role in recent years has been that of a mother, which is not easy at all. She is torn between constant lack of money, lawsuits from “American Express” for debts on the card, problems with her husband who likes to peek into a glass and who is tormented by suicidal thoughts, but also addiction to sex and caring for children of different ages. There is a rumor circulating in Hollywood that Dean wanted to go for a vasectomy five years ago, but they did not have enough money for the operation.

Also, he did not pay alimony for his eldest son for years, so his ex-wife is suing him. For a while, everything was fine, and then alimony payments became irregular again. He allegedly broke down by visiting his ex-wife in the old quarter and admitting that he did not know what had happened to him if he had rejected it all.

The episode with the recent mental breakdown of Tori Spelling, when the police also intervened, is something that was unfortunately expected. Whether she will withstand the burden of marriage and the obligations that suffocate her, or whether she will finally solve all the toxic things in life and continue at a stable pace, will surely be known in the near future.

Observers say it won’t be possible like this for a long time. For now, he is resting and probably thinking a lot about which way to go next.


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