The life story of Uma Thurman

She has acted in dramas and comedies, action and SF films, and in each of the genres she has managed to prove herself excellently and make her biography more meaningful.

Earlier years

It is about the life story of Uma Karuna Thurman, an American actress, mother of two, unmarried wife of French businessman Arpad A. Bison and Mrs. X from “Nymphomaniac”, Lars Von Trier’s last big movie hit.

Uma Thurman was born in 1970 in Boston, in a completely atypical, some would say rather eccentric, American family. Mother Nena, of Swedish-German roots, was a photo model, and Uma’s maternal grandmother was a real beauty in the 1920s. A bronze statue of Uma’s naked grandmother Brigitte still adorns the port of Smigehuk, at the southernmost point of Sweden.

Brigitte married the German baron Karl von Schlebrug and they had a daughter, Nena. When she was only 16, she was noticed by the top English photographer Norman Parkinson and taken to London’s “Vogue”, where she quickly became a top model, so she posed for the cover of the magazine in October 1958.

She soon found herself in the circle of celebrities, and in her first marriage, she entered into a famous but controversial psychologist and writer, Timothy Leary, who in the 1960s studied the effects of LSD for therapeutic purposes and conducted research on student volunteers. The marriage did not last, but Uma’s mother soon fell in love with another intellectual – Robert Thurman.

He, on the other hand, was among the first in America to become a follower of Buddhism, because as a student he set off on a motorcycle trip around India with his friends and finished it in Tibet, making friends with the Dalai Lama who once visited them at their home in America. Uma and her three brothers – Ganden, Dechen and Mipam, spent their earliest childhood with their parents in the northern Indian town of Almori.

All three were raised in the Buddhist faith, and the actress was named Uma after another name, the Hindu goddess Parvati, which means “light”.

After a carefree childhood in India, returning to America and adjusting to the new lifestyle and city children, little Umi was not at all easy. She stood out from the others, not only because of her unusual name, but also because of her unconventional upbringing, and her fragile build and height of one meter and 80, due to which she stood out among her peers, was accompanied by the growth of her feet to number 44.

Her self-confidence was further damaged by a mother’s friend who, when she was only 10, suggested that she go for cosmetic nose surgery. There were many reasons for her children to make fun of her. Instead of her name, she often introduced herself as Kelly or Linda and enjoyed school performances in which she could be someone else. Because of all that, her mother took her from Amherst, a town of 30,000 inhabitants in Massachusetts, where they lived at the time, to New York and supported her to try out as a photo model as a 15-year-old and continue her high school education there.

The beginning of a film career

As soon as her photos appeared in “Glamour” magazine, film roles began. At 17, she got several engagements, including the lead role of a seductress in “Kiss Daddy Goodnight,” then in “Johnny Be Good,” followed by the film “The Adventures of Baron Münchausen.”

In 1988, she found herself in the company of John Malkovich, Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer in Stephen Friers” “Dangerous Relationships”. And in the early 90s, she continued to get great roles. One of them is certainly in the movie “Henry and June” in which she played the wife of the famous Henry Miller. The film was labeled “NC-17” in American cinemas, which means that children under 17 were strictly forbidden to enter the screenings. From a shy and introverted girl, Uma became a sex symbol overnight. But, the film “Dangerous Relationships”, as if in 1988, hinted at events in her private life as well.

The first known man known to have been in a serious relationship with him was Phil Jonou. Nine years older than Uma, he gained a reputation for collaborating with the Irish band “U2”. He recorded their videos, and towards the end of 1988, he finished a documentary about their North American tour “Rattle and Hum”, which he shot in the fall of 1987.

Sometime around that time, Uma temporarily took refuge from America in London to escape the media hysteria produced by her role as the ravishing Cecil de Volange in “Dangerous Relationships.” She met Phil and fell in love. The next film that Phil started making during the relationship was called “State of Grace”. The main roles were played by Sean Penn and Gary Oldman. In 1989, Uma visited you on the set of her beloved and met the main protagonists.

Phil only commented a few years later: “From the first moment, I saw that the attraction between Gary and Uma was so strong that I had no choice but to take cover.”

Yes, Gary Oldman ruled over Phil and Uma’s relationship, but at the same time she ruled over Gary’s marriage to his then-wife Leslie Manville. They met in London at the Royal Court Theater, got married in early 1988, and divorced just three months after she gave birth to their son Alfie.

Gary went completely crazy about the Mind and they started living together. He moved to America and started working for a Hollywood production. They got married in 1990, but the marriage lasted only two years. They never explained where it broke.

Gary Oldman has always been particularly adept at keeping privacy away from the public. He once explained it like this: “It’s one thing to be a good actor, and quite another to be famous. Gaining fame is a serious job and a separate career for which I don’t have the time or strength.” Since they did not have children, the divorce passed without any media pomp.

But, many years later, a possible reason was told by Oldman’s next wife, Donja Fiorentino, whom he met in 1996 at the Alcoholics Anonymous circle in Beverly Hills. After divorcing her five years later, she said: “Gary told me that before the treatment, he spent $18,000 in a New York hotel once in just one weekend. In addition to spending the night, he spent money on vodka, wine and prostitutes. And cocaine ”.

Ms. Fiorentino also told how he beat his head on the phone in marriage. The reason for his violent behavior and alcoholism could be related to his childhood and relationship with his father, who was an alcoholic and abuser, and he left his family when the actor was seven years old.

No wonder Uma soon left Geri because she realized that she would not have the support she needed to advance her career. She once said briefly about that marriage: “I was still a teenager at the time, and teenage mistakes don’t count.”

But she built her career very measured and carefully. After the big movies, Uma must have been scared of her own success. In the following years, she turned down major productions and roles, so she starred in several films that she would probably prefer not to have in her professional biography today. One is “Mad Dog and Glory,” and the other is a 1993 film, “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”.

A turning point

Her reputation was saved by director Quentin Tarantino, who saw her in his next film. After the success with the film “Reservoir Dogs” from 1992, and in 1993, he gathered a great team for the cult “Pulp Fiction”. Along with Samuel L. Jackson, Amanda Plummer, Tim Roth, John Travolta and Bruce Willis, he was looking for an actress for the role of the wife of a mobster, the lost and lonely soul of Mia Wallis.

Although she turned him down at first, Tarantino cared incredibly much about Uma. So much so that he read all her dialogues to her on the phone and begged her to accept. He admitted that, in fact, apart from Uma’s appearance, he was amazed by her big feet, and even in the scene with Travolta, on the eve of their unforgettable twist, he inserted a dialogue about foot massage into the film.

She accepted the role and was shortlisted for all the most important film awards for her. Although none of them was in her possession, because of that role she certainly became one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood.

After that, she continued to experiment with genres and flirt with independent productions. And again, she made more or less mediocre films even though she even won an award for her role as “Poison Ivy” in “Batman and Robin”.

Private life

The turning point came in 1996 when she found herself on the set of the movie “Gattaca” with her peer, Ethan Hawk. The two actually met back at the premiere of “Pulp Fiction,” but then Ethan seemed too young for any relationship. A year later she changed her mind and the meeting on the set was fatal for both of them. Everything went very fast and twelve months after the beginning of the relationship, Uma was pregnant and in 1998 she gave birth to a daughter, Maya Ray.

Two months after her birth, Uma and Ethan were married in New York, and their marriage was blessed by the Dalai Lama himself. It was a sign that Uma had found the man of her life. In 1998, she made two more films in which she played – “Avengers” and “Poor People”, and then, due to motherhood, she paused for a year. She returned to film in 2000, but was contacted again in 2001 by Tarantino. This time he offered her the lead role in the action movie “Kill Bill”. She accepted the role and picked up the katana.

And then in 2002, she and Ethan had a son, Roan. They had to hire a nanny. It was Ryan Shawhuj, a completely anonymous girl until then. Despite the fact that he made as many as five films in 2001, Ethan, in addition to her parents’ worries, was also tormented by Uma’s career, rumors that Tarantino became much more than a muse. He was haunted by jealousy or maybe he justified his own actions that way. Basically, in 2003, Uma and Ethan started living separately, and soon filed for divorce.

It soon became clear why. Ethan cheated on Uma with the nanny. Asked if infidelity was the reason for the divorce, the always decent Uma once replied, “Well, that too. You know, when two divorces, there are various ways for someone to show their dissatisfaction.”

She was probably thinking of Ethan, who only two years ago opened his soul to journalists and, when asked about marital infidelity, confidently answered: “You know, marital infidelity cannot be a reason for divorce. We were not created for monogamy. Fidelity to a spouse cannot be the only foundation on which two people base their relationship. It’s funny how people experience fidelity as children hair. ”

The marriage to Uma ended in court in 2005, and Ethan has been married for six years to former nanny Ryan.

Uma didn’t look for consolation for long either. As early as the end of 2003, she began to socialize intensively and dated 14-year-old Andre Balazs, a wealthy hotel owner in New York and Los Angeles. The relationship often broke down, but they would always reconcile in the end, and there was even talked of a wedding. In the fall of 2005, they were seen together with her children in Copenhagen, and then in New York, and planned a wedding next year in the Caribbean. And then on Women’s Day, in 2006, Uma finally confirmed that they were no longer together, but that they remained good friends.

Only a year later, it was learned that she had fallen in love again. This time it was a businessman, a multimillionaire of French origin, seven years older, Arpad Bison, for friends – Arki. He comes from an aristocratic French family of financial experts, and back in 1992, after several years spent among financial advisers at the prestigious Tudor, he founded EIM – a risk insurance fund with hundreds of billions of dollars.

Before meeting Uma Thurman, he lived with supermodel El McPherson for nine years. They met in 1996 and were together until 2005.

In the meantime, they also had two children. First, their son Arpad Flynn Bison was born in New York in February 1998, and Aurelius Saj Andrea Bison was born in 2003. But the wedding was never a topic of conversation, although El probably wanted it. She even converted to Catholicism because of him.

And then, less than a year after he met Uma, Arki revealed in June 2008 that he believed in himself despite her Buddhist upbringing and claims that he was an agnostic. The media had something to write about, because the celebration was grandiose. Arki organized a big party in his £ 10 million villa in London’s Kensington district. Sir Elton John, Sting, Sir Philip Green, Jamie Kahn, Claudia Schiffer and Damien Hirst also came to share their happiness because of the engagement. Arki put a nine-carat diamond ring on Umi’s finger.

Despite the ring, only a year and a half later, they broke off their engagement, and in early 2010, they were together again. Finally, some kind of confirmation of the stability of the relationship came in 2012. Uma also gave birth to a third child, Arpad’s daughter Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altaluna Florence Thurman-Bison, named Luna.

Her unmarried husband also finances film production. That is why he fiercely angered Alec Baldwin, who, when he heard that he should play in a movie, said that Baldwin was “an ordinary television star”. In his July TV show, Baldwin fired a shot at Bison: “He’s just a crackling frog jumping from yacht to yacht and from bed to bed. If film fame means being trapped on a yacht with Bison, I’d rather read the weather forecast on “Channel 4 in New York.” .

Uma and Bison broke up forever in 2014, and Arpad immediately asked the court for full custody of their daughter Luna. During the lawsuit, the French entrepreneur claimed that Uma had “serious mental problems” and that he often mixed his drugs with alcohol. In early 2017, the court ruled in Uma’s favor.

The actress, who has successfully avoided the media for a long time, recently “raised the dust” with her sharp and short comment about the scandal that shook Hollywood.

– I have nothing nice to say. I’m waiting for my anger to pass. I have no sweet, short comment for you. When I am ready, I will find out everything – said a visibly angry Uma in front of the camera.

Producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused by eighty women of sexual abuse, is a close associate of Uma’s friend, Quentin Tarantino. Uma starred in three of Tarantino’s films produced by Weinstein, so she made three more films under the auspices of Weinstein’s “Mira max” studio.



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