The life story of Whitney Houston

The old saying that what doesn’t kill us makes us strong has long portrayed her life, and on several occasions she rose like a phoenix from the ashes.

Unfortunately, the life story of Whitney Houston has a different ending! However, soon after the singer’s death, her publicist, Kristen Foster, revealed to the world how Whitney fought and lost her last battle.

And Houston has been battling drug and alcohol addiction for years, although in recent months it has seemed as if she still managed to get out of the clutches of vice, so she planned a big return to the music scene. However, just before her death, she was seen leaving the Hollywood club “True” on Friday evening, February 10, 2012,, in an extremely alcoholic state. The visibly drunk singer was taken out of the club by security, and fresh scratches that were bleeding were visible on her wrists and legs.

Such a picture of her was very different from the picture of a lady who held the title of the best female vocalist of the eighties and nineties of the last century and the most awarded singer with over 400 awards, of which six “Grammy” and two “Emmy” awards and 30 “Billboards”.


The black queen of pop music, she was born on August 9, 1963, in New Jersey, as the third and youngest child of John and Kissy Houston. Her mother, as well as her grandmother Aretha Franklin, were stars of jazz, soul and gospel, so Whitney has been in constant contact with rhythm and music since her early childhood.

“Music is my life. From my earliest childhood, I was part of a story in which she rejoices or mourns with sound and rhythm, and the first time I stepped on stage, I knew I would stay on it until the end of my existence,” the singer said. , who, as an eleven – year – old girl, at the urging of her mother, began to take music seriously and perform as a soloist in the New Hope Baptist Church, where she learned to play the piano. Instead of enjoying the challenges of her teenage years, the singer experienced the consequences of her parents’ divorce at that age, and they left scars on her heart that did not heal many years later.

“I don’t like to talk publicly and out loud about my parents’ divorce. It’s their thing that reminds me of something ugly. I stayed to live with my mother, and I saw my father occasionally and it bothered me a lot because I missed his support. In the moments when I was at the beginning of my career “, said Whitney, who had her first major public appearances at the age of fourteen, while she sang in clubs with her mother Kisi. Just at that time, she recorded the song “Life is Party” with the group of Michael Zager, on which she was the main female backing vocalist.

Delighted by her velvety voice, Michael offered her a contract stating that they would record songs and perform together, but Whitney’s mother refused, explaining that her youngest child should finish school first. In the same year, she sang backing vocals in the song “I Am Every Woman” performed by Chuckie Kans, and later she sang it and made it one of the greatest hits of all time.

“I remember being sad that my mother didn’t let me become a singer right away, but today I am very grateful to her for that. I was a child lost in time and space, and without her she was leading me through that darkness, my star quickly would go out”.

A turning point in his career

In the early 1980s, at a concert at Carnegie Hall where she sang with her mother, Whitney was spotted by a photographer from Seventeen magazines. It was the moment when she tried her hand at modeling and became the first woman of African-American descent to appear on the cover of this prestigious magazines. In the same year, a fateful meeting with producer Clive Davis changed the life of a girl who wanted more and more from music.

Because Davis was delighted with Whitney’s sincerity as she sang and the incredible energy she conveyed to her listeners, for two years he carefully chose the material for her first album, which saw the light of day in 1985.

All the newspapers wrote about a girl from Jersey who sang the most beautiful ballads in the world with her eyes closed, and everyone agreed that such a voice promises a great career.

“I got great reviews for my first songs, which was very strange to me at the time, because at no point before did I even think that I was a genius artist. I was scared, for me, of the unreal world and the fact that people recognize me on the street. When I would go up on stage and start singing, I only felt safe, in those moments I closed my eyes because it was easier for me to imagine being at home in my small room and singing only for my grandmother and mom. ”

With the first album, the first awards arrived, so Whitney received the “Grammy” award for best female vocal, the best album and for the discovery of the year. During the eighties, success soared to the very top of the starry sky, which no black singer had the opportunity to experience before her. The first album sold over millions of records, which was just the beginning, and the hits that followed on the next album “Who Loves Me” are still considered the most listened to songs ever recorded.

They initiated a tour that enabled her to become one of the richest women in the world. According to the “Forbes list”, Whitney became one of the ten richest singers in the world in the late eighties, and it was then that her downfall began. Although she got everything she always wanted, the diva was never completely happy and satisfied, because she lacked a man’s hand and emotional fulfillment. Many failed relationships, of which the most interesting to the public were those with actor Eddie Murphy and rugby player Randy Conigan, showed that the singer, although she seems very confident and calm on stage, actually has a problem with bonding.

In 1992, she starred with Kevin Costner in the famous movie “Bodyguard”! For her role in that film, she received great praise!

Marriage and birth of a daughter

However, when she least hoped, she met her life partner, musician Bobby Brown. The awarding of the “Soul Train” music awards was a turning point and she finally fell in love with a man when she thought it would bring her only beautiful moments. The couple, after three years of dating, got married on July 18, 1992, and only a year later, they had a daughter, Bobby Christina Houston Brown.

“When I saw Bobby, I had the impression that I had been waiting for him all my life. He was the perfect man and I would say it was love at first sight. Our wedding and the day we became parents were the most beautiful moments in my life. Neither money, nor fame, nor fans could awaken in me that feeling that overwhelmed me as soon as Bobby said my name, “said Whitney, the only singer who is on the top twenty most listened to songs in the world, has as many as three numbers.

Although she tried to build the image of a good girl during the eighties and early nineties, marrying a troubled musician who spent several months in prison for stealing a car brought her bad publicity.

Her surroundings, but also fans around the wedding, noticed a big change in her behavior. She suddenly became a star who no longer respects agreements, is late for interviews and begins to suffer from insomnia. It is rumored in Hollywood and the whole world that the popular singer is starting to lose weight with incredible speed, they also attributed the use of narcotics to her, and they cited her husband as the main culprit.

“It’s true that I’m thin, but I’ve always been like that and I don’t think I have anorexia. The media constantly cites that information, I just don’t know how they know it better than me,” she briefly commented on the story of her alleged anorexia.

However, the couple, who on several occasions even physically confronted the public, did not stop filling the pages of the tabloids, and the day when they were caught with a certain amount of marijuana at the Hawaiian airport, reopened the question whether drug addiction is the reason for Vitna’s irresponsible behavior. The fact that her angelic voice began to decline.

“We don’t smoke crack, it’s cheap, and if I want to, I’ve made so much money in my life that I can only afford expensive drugs. Even if it’s true, it’s just my business. As long as I do my job as it should be, while I am a good wife and mother, no one is allowed to tell me anything, “the singer said a few days after she was caught with incriminated opiates.

In August 2001, Whitney signed a $100 million contract with Artist, the largest in the history of the music industry. Under that contract, the famous singer undertook to record six albums for the mentioned house. Shortly afterwards, she appeared on a spectacular show on the occasion of Michael Jackson’s thirty-year career in a worse edition than ever. The whole world was shocked by her thinness, and the stories that she is a cocaine addict tickled the public again. It was an occasion to announce her PR service and explain that Whitney has many family problems, due to which she lost her appetite.

“Behind me is a horrible period of life. My father sued me for copyright and asked for a huge amount of money. However, in the end he failed to do anything. He died at the age of eighty-one, and his death awakened many ugly ones in me. I thought I meant something to him, and he really only wanted my money, now he’s gone, and even though he’s never been with me, I still miss him very much.

Bobby and I, on the other hand, love each other, but because of his supernatural nature, we have a lot of problems. Because of all that, my soul hurts, but my stomach also suffers, so my body does not accept food. If I lose my appetite in such a difficult situation, it does not mean that I am ill. I would never allow myself to endanger my health, “explained Whitney, whose worsening relationship with her husband contributed to her starting to withdraw.

Health problems

She appeared less and less in public, she quietly suffered far from the curious eyes that were interested in her new fall. Several years of solitude and countless attempts to save the shaken love, further destroyed her emotional and mental state. In early 2006, she suffered a nervous breakdown and spent several days in hospital. The media claimed that the cause of the hospitalization was not an emotional crisis and the end of her greatest love, but drug treatment. However, already in September of the same year, Whitney realized that her heart stopped beating in the rhythm of Bobby’s voice, which decided to file for divorce. In October, the court ended the process and divorced one of the most intriguing couples in Hollywood, and assigned their daughter Kristina to their mother.

“I couldn’t take the pressure anymore, it was really hard for me. Something was always expected of me, and the fact that Bobby and I didn’t love each other just made my condition worse. He was everything to me, I dedicated my whole life to him alone. , and then after ten years, I realized that it was no longer mutual, “said Whitney.

Just when everyone thought that her star would shine again with the same zeal as at the beginning of her career, Bobby gave his ex-wife the last blow.

He accused her of being the only culprit because of which she is going through an emotional crisis and cannot dedicate herself to her work with a request to make a decision according to which she will support him for life. Whitney could not stand the attempt of her former love to completely ruin her, so she suffered a new nervous breakdown, despite the fact that the court rejected Bobby’s request. In order to get through another difficult phase of her life, the singer started working on her album “I Look to You”, which was extremely pleasing to her, and for 2012,, her big return to the stage was announced. However, fate had a completely different scenario for her.

A tragic end

Namely, the police announced that on Saturday at 15.43, they received the news about the singer’s bad condition and that they immediately intervened, but the ambulance team was forced to declare her death at 15.55. Initial reports said there were no signs of a violent death, and six bottles of pills, including xanax, a strong antidepressant, were found in a room at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills where she stayed to attend the Grammy Awards.

Although they did not find drugs or alcohol, the police believe that the singer drank alcohol earlier that evening, and then medication, which is a combination that put her to sleep in the bathtub and made her drown. The famous singer was buried on Saturday, February 11, 2012, in her native New York, New Jersey, and the commemoration was held in the church where she sang as a child.

Three years after the death of Whitney Houston, on July 26, 2015, under unexplained circumstances, her daughter Bobby Christina Houston died.

She was 22 years old!


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