The most beautiful quotes of a great woman

The most beautiful quotes of a great woman

Mother Teresa is a name that is always associated with mercy and kindness. A quarter of a century has passed since her death, but her wise thoughts are still relevant.

These words of hers will make you become a better person and love life even more.

The most beautiful quotes of a great woman:

  • Find time for love, it is a gift from God.
  • There is more hunger in the world for love and respect than for bread.
  • Find time to pray, it is the greatest strength on earth.

Loneliness and the feeling of not being wanted are the worst poverty.

Every child is priceless. Everyone is God’s creation.

Don’t let someone get close to you if they don’t leave better and more satisfied than you.

Only a woman can create a family. But a family can also fall apart because of a woman.

Never let yourself meet someone who won’t be happier after meeting you.

Where is God? How can we love him? It is not enough to say: “My God, I love you”. We love God in this world if we give up something if we give something.

Giving of yourself is better than just giving.

God is a friend of silence: see how nature: trees, grass, flowers… grow in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls.

The most beautiful quotes of a great woman

A joyful heart arises, of course, only from a heart that burns with love.

It is not important how much you work, but what matters is how much love you put into what you do and how much you give it to others.

Find time for mercy, it is the key to heaven.

Find time to work, that’s the price of success.

Find time for friendship, it is the way to happiness.

Find time to read, it is a source of wisdom.

Find time to give, the day is too short to be selfish.

Find time to laugh, it’s the melody of the soul.

Find time to play, that’s the secret of eternal youth.

Find time to think, it is a source of strength.

Your help is really needed, but people may attack you when you help them, help them anyway.

What you build for years can be destroyed overnight, build despite that.

Honesty and openness make you vulnerable, be honest and open despite that.

The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow, do good in spite of that.

If you are successful, you will have false friends and real enemies, be successful in spite of that.

People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered, he loves them in spite of that.

The most beautiful quotes of a great woman


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