The other side of success

The other side of success

A study by three Swedish economists – Eric Lindqvist, Robert Ostling, and David Cesarini – looked at the long-term psychological effects of big lottery winnings, and their findings expected showed that the overall satisfaction of those who won higher amounts was greater than those who won smaller amounts.

However, the research also emphasized that winning a large amount of money in the lottery does not have a significant impact on the winner’s happiness and does not improve his mental health at all, as evidenced by the stories of many former winners, including Britain’s Ben pounds, overnight left with nothing.

This is the other side of success!

“You think you know what you would do with the money to win the lottery. But you don’t really know”, says former millionaire Ben.

Before winning, Ben was a family man with a successful career, and his life changed completely when he won the lottery.

“Those were moments full of adrenaline and excitement, but soon I suddenly felt terribly tired. Still, my brain was working a hundred hours and I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was going to do with all that money.”

But even though he won several million pounds, his life was not better. First, unfortunately, he did what many others would do in his place – he went on vacation and started spending. He bought cars, nice clothes, and expensive devices, went on trips, enrolled his children in private schools, and left his job. But the idyll did not last long.

“The problem is that I was not satisfied with my life before winning, and instead of improving things, money only increased the problems I already had, he admits and says that when you don’t work and have no obligations, it’s easy to waste days and stay sober, then when you have no money.

I sat all day reading the newspaper and watching TV. I had all the free time in the world and I didn’t use it. I was completely neglected, he remembers.

The other side of success


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