The story of the samurai – heaven and hell

The story of the samurai – heaven and hell

A short and instructive story about a samurai – heaven and hell!

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To the fragile little monk, a great and powerful samurai came. “Monks”, he said in a voice accustomed to being obeyed at once, “teach me about heaven and hell”!

The monk looked up at the giant warrior and said contemptuously: “Shall I teach you about heaven and hell? I can’t teach you anything. Look how dirty you are. You stink! Your sword is rusty. You are a disgrace to all samurai. Get out of my sight. I can’t take you anymore”.

The samurai blushed and began to tremble, speechless with rage. He drew his sword and almost swung it at the monk.

“It’s hell”, the monk said in a low voice.

The samurai is suddenly full of knowledge. He was disarmed by the compassion and devotion of that tiny man who was ready to give his life to teach him what hell was. He lowered his sword slowly, filled with gratitude and sudden peace.

He bowed and walked on.

“And that is paradise”, the monk said quietly.

The story of the samurai – heaven and hell


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