The subconscious and how to reprogram it?

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?

Do you know that your subconscious has tremendous power in managing your life and controlling life experiences? And from “little things” like choosing the type of food you eat to more complex daily activities. Your subconscious also affects the amount of money you earn, how you react to new people you meet, but also your daily stress. Indirectly, the subconscious “decides” whether you will be healthy or sick.

You are probably wondering why this is so? In addition to the conscious, there is a subconscious mind, responsible for a large number of activities that you know little about. In short, your subconscious is like an auto-pilot on a plane. It is reprogrammed to follow a certain route and you simply cannot turn… unless you first change the instructions of the “given” program.

Modern scientific research conducted within neuroscience, a new multidisciplinary branch, has confirmed the impact that the subconscious has on human behavior and overall life. It has been proven that the human brain has an amazing feature of neuroplasticity – the ability to change constantly. Just as muscles develop through training, so does the brain develop through mental activities – reading and continuous learning.

What is the subconscious and how to reprogram it?

The subconscious is the part of your mind that operates below the normal level of waking consciousness.

At this point, you primarily use your conscious mind to read the text and understand it, but beneath that mental focus, your subconscious constantly works, absorbing or rejecting information based on your perception of yourself, the world, life, people and phenomena around you and within you. This practically means that everyone will accept this text in their own specific way!

Let us now address the question of when and how was the perception you have about the world around you and in you formed?

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?

Early childhood and subconscious

Your perception began to form when you were a child. With each new experience, your subconscious absorbed like a sponge the information, events and images you were surrounded by.

When you were very young, you had no belief or interpretation of the world around you, only a perception of what you were feeling. And then you started accepting the information you received during your early childhood and classifying it mostly as accurate and real.

You can probably already see how different problems arose in your later life: every time someone in early childhood, recklessly or intentionally, called you stupid, worthless, slow, lazy…, your subconscious just stored that data as facts.

If, when you were a child, they told you “you are incompetent, nothing will happen to you” or they often scolded you and compared you to someone who is more skillful, capable, beautiful, wealthy than you – and that was etched in your subconscious. All this, combined with beliefs and prejudices genetically inherited from parents and ancestors, grows as an insurmountable mountain of obstacles and blockages and later manifests itself in learning, work, family and interpersonal relationships.

By the time you were 7 or 8 years old, you already had a solid foundation of beliefs based on everything that was implanted in you by people around you, the media (television in particular) and other events in the environment in which you lived.

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?

How does this “old” programming affect the present?

You may think that, now that you are an adult, you can simply reject harmful or untrue information, attitudes, beliefs that you have absorbed over the years. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Remember that all this information is located below the level of your conscious mind. You become aware of their destructive effects when they limit your progress in creating a balanced, successful and productive life.

Have you ever tried to achieve a goal and at the same time sabotaged yourself every step of the way? It sure is, though it looks weird, doesn’t it? It is important to know that this is not an accident of bad luck and that you are doomed to failure no matter what you do.

You are more likely to have some old built-in programs and beliefs that are holding back your plans.

This is good news, because it practically means that you can achieve almost anything if you take some time and reprogram your subconscious mind!

Programming is still going on!

Before you learn how to reprogram your subconscious, it is important to keep in mind that your programming continues today.

With each new experience, you draw certain conclusions and keep messages that will guide your future actions.

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?

For example, what message, in your opinion, would be stored in the subconscious if you were rejected by someone you cared about?

Your subconscious – that smart detective – would immediately “catch” your memories and other examples of rejection – like the moment when your best friend rejected you for hanging out with some other children.

Then the belief that you are unworthy, not good enough or handicapped and therefore deserve to be rejected and rejected, “moved” into your subconscious. And if you were also ridiculed or otherwise embarrassed, deep pain because of that experience and how it will determine your partner and interpersonal relationships.

If you have an experience that conflicts with your already established belief, the subconscious will either reject it or reverse it to fit your existing view of reality.

An example from life

You have the belief that you are unattractive, and an attractive person shows interest in getting to know you better. You will most likely first think that it is a joke or some trick of your friends. You will not believe that you are attractive to that person, because you already subconsciously believe that you are unattractive.

Your subconscious mind warns, “No way! This person is too attractive for me to attract her… something is wrong here… I better reject her until she rejects me… “

And so you will either reject that person before he rejects you, or you will sabotage something that could become a quality relationship by reckless or deliberate action.

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?The same thing happens when you are trying to achieve your goals. If you were told as a child “it can be much better” or “it’s not you for it” or “what do you know”, maybe you have a stubbornness and a strong motive to prove that you are very good or even the best, so you are in life worked hard and achieved success. And when you are close to success, from the subconscious begins to come doubt in your own value and ability to maintain the achieved success.

In a similar way, the subconscious mind limits you in many other situations, but if you reprogram it, it will become a good ally, not an obstacle.

How to reprogram your subconscious mind?

There are many different ways to “rewrite” the limiting or harmful beliefs and prejudices that are in your subconscious.

You can try all the strategies mentioned below at the same time, but you will achieve better results if you focus on one or two methods to get started. Pay full attention to them and the results will not be missed.

Remember, you can always insert some additional technique if you are not satisfied with the results or you think that things can change much faster.

The first three methods are for practically everyone and you can easily apply them. The remaining two require either professional help and clarification or certain devices that help to change the wrong information written in the subconscious.

Environmental influence and subconscious

Have you ever thought about the impact of the environment in which you live and work, on your subconscious?

Remember that your subconscious constantly absorbs information with all the senses and draws conclusions and forms beliefs based on that information. Do you know that many traumas are in your subconscious just because you watched on television or in a movie an accident, a murder and a difficult scene? The subconscious has no logic to understand that it is just a movie, not reality.

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?

If you spend a lot of time in an environment where there is a lot of quarreling, gossip, criticism, negative conversations and rude behavior, your subconscious will be burdened with these influences.

Therefore, step out of such an environment right from this moment and choose to live differently.

Avoid watching and reading the news (mostly sensationalist and full of negative charge), if you don’t have to, avoid spending too much time with “toxic” people.

Instead, look for positive texts to read and shows to watch from which you will learn something, which will ennoble you and encourage you to be more positive.

By reading and learning new skills, you enrich your own life, gain new knowledge and experiences and create opportunities for yourself to progress and have a more meaningful life. This will help you to “see” and to see yourself, your potentials and your own life much more realistically.


Your subconscious mind responds well to images.

Visualization is a great way to program your subconscious with positive, empowering images.

The method is quite simple: Try to visualize positive scenes that represent you and your life experiences for 10-15 minutes a day.

Here are some things you could visualize:

• Quality relationships

• Passionate work

• Pleasant home

• Exotic vacation…

… And everything you want to “attract” into your life.

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?To enhance the power of visualization, feel strong, positive emotions as you “paint” these wonderful things in your mind.

Feel love, joy, gratitude and peace, as if you really have those experiences. Your subconscious mind will absorb the messages as if they were real and real!

This is the real beauty of visualization – the power to bypass restrictive messages and focus on pleasant images, which your subconscious will absorb, to reproduce them later.


Affirmations are another effective way to install positive messages in your subconscious.

They work best if you follow a few simple rules:

Pronounce them in the present tense. Say “I am safe and successful”, not “I will be safe and successful”, because focusing on the future situation does not count – the subconscious “knows” only this present moment. Also, use positive statements. If you say “I’m not unsuccessful”, the subconscious interprets it as “I’m unsuccessful”, because your subconscious can’t process negations – it has no logic and records everything just like a disk on a computer records everything you type and save in a document.

Invoke the appropriate feelings. When you say “I’m rich” and you feel poor – you’re just sending unconvincing messages to your subconscious. Whatever words you say at that moment, try to connect what you said with the appropriate emotions, because your subconscious will find it easier to believe them.

Repeat, repeat, repeat! Positive affirmations do not work if you say them only once or twice. Recite them many times during the day for best results.The subconscious and how to reprogram it?

Brainwave frequency

A popular method for changing subconscious beliefs is the use of audio recordings, which are targeted to change your brain waves, IE. their frequencies.

It may sound like something from a SF movie, but the reports of people who have tried these audio programs are extremely positive.

How does this method “work”?

The frequency of brain waves depends on what you are doing at a given time:

Gamma brain waves – transmit information very quickly and refer to the simultaneous processing of information from different parts of the brain. These are high frequency waves and the mind must be completely calm in order to enter the state of gamma brain waves.

Beta wave waves – fast brain activity and are dominant in the everyday state when we learn, discuss, solve problems, make decisions and when we are focused on mental activities.

Alpha brain waves – a condition in which the brain rests. These are brain waves of presence in the present moment. They help overall mental coordination, calmness, mind and body integration, and learning.

Theta brain waves – a state of sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. In the theta brain waves, the imagination is very much alive, the intuition is enhanced. These are the waves of the subconscious, in which there are fears, traumas…

Delta brain waves – slow brain waves, low frequencies, penetrate as deep as the sound of a drum. These are waves of deep sleep, stimulating regeneration and healing.

“Binaural beats” – occur when two tones are reproduced at different frequencies, triggering your brain waves to follow a different pattern.

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?

For example, if you want to go from a stressful to a relaxed state, you would listen to a sound that activates an alpha state.

These audio programs can help you reprogram your subconscious mind, as well as create a more receptive subconscious pattern for installing positive messages.

Research has shown that your subconscious mind is better at receiving new information when you are very relaxed – in an alpha or theta state.

Using an audio program to “enter” the brain, along with affirmations or visualization, can be a powerful combination, because then your subconscious removes defenses so that it can easily absorb any message you want to program.

Just relax and focus on the positive images!

Hypnosis and the subconscious

Hypnosis can be effective in almost the same way as audio programs for removing subconscious blockages, without using frequencies to change brain waves.

Instead, the hypnotist therapist (when you will find it quite difficult to find in our area) gradually brings you into a state of relaxation and receptivity to receive positive messages and affirmations in your subconscious.

Self-hypnosis is another popular option – simply use prerecorded audio programs instead of live hypnotherapist sessions. You can even record your own recordings with self-hypnosis so that you will hear your own voice uttering positive affirmations while you are in a relaxed state.

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?

How do you know if you’re reprogramming effort is having an effect?

One of the most challenging aspects of reprogramming the subconscious mind is that you can’t peek inside and see what else is in the subconscious that might need to change.

Instead, develop a strong sense of self-awareness so that you can capture self-sabotaging behavior.

However, there are clear signs of progress that you can recognize:

• You begin to feel stronger, safer and happier.

• You are more willing to take risks and face challenges.

• Dreams and goals no longer seem excessive – they are just exciting.

• You feel a deeper sense of inner peace, as if internal conflicts are breaking down.

• Attract more opportunities to expand and grow in all areas of your life.

In short, you will know when changes are happening in your subconscious because you will notice a change in others towards you but also your change in the environment in which you live and work. And most importantly, you will feel that a change has taken place in yourself.

The evidence is usually indisputable!

It is important to give enough time to this reprogramming process.

Don’t expect to see rapid changes – although they can happen occasionally, it often takes time to work hard and patiently on yourself.

So, be a very consistent and persistent accompanying method that you have chosen as a tool for installing positive affirmations in the subconscious.

When the transformation becomes visible, you will be even more motivated to move on, but until that happens, keep in mind to work on important changes that are lifelong, powerful, and that will improve your quality of life!

The subconscious and how to reprogram it?



I hope you liked the content about the subconscious and how to reprogram it?

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