Twenty amazing tips from one of the best psychologists!

Mikhail Litvak, a Russian, is a doctor, psychotherapist and one of the most recognized psychologists at the international level.

Mikhail Litvak, a Russian, is a doctor, psychotherapist and one of the most recognized psychologists at the international level. He is also the first man to develop a system called “Psychological Aikido”, and the first to use it.

According to Dr. It is important for a Lithuanian to understand the environment and himself!

Below, I will give you twenty amazing tips from one of the best psychologists that can help you solve life situations!

These tips are, to a large extent, applied by the people whose biographies I presented on my site, as well as the ones I will write about!



1. If a man cannot say anything good about himself, and wants to say something, he begins to speak badly about others.

2. Bite science, not the throat of your neighbor, if you really want to bite something.

3. A depressed state is given to a person to think about himself.

4. No one ever rejects, only someone goes forward. He who has stopped considers himself rejected.

5. If you think well of yourself, why do you need someone else to think well of you.

6. Do what you want, and don’t ask for permission. You won’t get it.

7. The ability to love and tolerate loneliness well is an indicator of spiritual maturity. We do our best when we are lonely.

8. An immature person often knows but cannot. Mature not only knows, but also knows how. Therefore, the immature person criticizes, and the mature one acts.

9. I don’t know the way to success. But I know the way to failure – it’s the desire to please everyone.

10. There is no masculine or feminine logic, there is an ability or inability to think wisely.

11. Do you want to know your main enemy? Look in the mirror. Fight him and the others will run away.

Your best friend and worst enemy

12. Achieve success – insults will pass.

13. It is pleasant to talk with friends, useful with enemies.

14. There is only one valid reason for termination of employment and termination of employment – the impossibility of personal growth in the given circumstances.

15. Only joy should be shared with both friends and enemies. The friend will rejoice and the enemy will be upset.

16. Don’t chase happiness, and you’ll find a place where it lives. And happiness will find you on its own. I can tell you the place where your happiness lives – in yourself. And the path to it is the maximum development of all one’s abilities.

17. Happiness is a “by-product” of properly organized action.

18. If you want to prove something to someone, it means that you live because of who you want to prove it to. If you live for yourself, then there is no need to prove anything to anyone.

19. Imagination is the voice of our abilities. So I don’t dream of singing in an opera. I have neither voice nor hearing. And if I fantasized, my imagination would heat up my abilities accordingly. Because of that, I would try to get to the opera. You just have to think about how to make that dream come true. The main thing here is not to hurry, then dreams come true relatively quickly. It is good when a person can say the following about himself: “I only deal with trying to make my dreams come true”.

20. It is better to communicate with a good book than with an empty man.

Empty minds


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