Two powerful quotes – A must read!

Two powerful quotes – A must read!

Rumi said that the most important thing in life is love, and his two wise quotes can change your life!

Rumi is a Persian poet from the 13th century, but also a physiologist and, for many, an Eastern sage, whose verses, quotes, and messages change the lives, thoughts, and ultimately the fate of many even today.

I bring you two powerful quotes by Jalaluddin Rumi that represent an important guideline for life, they can make it easier for you, help you in difficult moments, and also change the way you look at life situations.

About the change:

“Try not to resist the changes that come into your life. Instead, let life live through you. And don’t worry that everything will turn upside down”.

Confucius had a very similar saying: “Don’t be afraid of change, it happens most often when necessary”.

It is true that it is often difficult for a person to get out of the comfort zone, to be afraid of changes, but many of them come with the right reasons at the right time, just when they need to happen. If you accept them, it is possible that some new doors will open for you.

About the true values of life:

“In a life half a breath long, plan nothing but love”.

Create a business, develop, and learn. But, every time you look back on your life and analyze: do you love what you do? Do the surrounding people love you? Do you love those you share your life with?

If there is no love in everything you do and what you surround yourself with, then everything else is in vain.

Two powerful quotes – A must read!


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