Use of affirmations

Use affirmations

Everything we think and talk about is manifested in our reality, in one way or another. Action is always a consequence of our thoughts. If you want to drink a glass of water, you will first think how thirsty you are, and then take everything you need to drink water. If you want to talk to someone, you will think about that conversation, and then new thoughts will appear that will move you to take certain actions to conduct the conversation. For example, you get up, look for the phone, enter the number, introduce yourself in a certain way… even during the conversation, before the words slip from your lips, a lightning chain reaction of thought has already occurred in your head that caused you to say everything you will to say.

By repeating different thought patterns, we have programmed ourselves without often being aware of it! Thought patterns, experiences and images are imprinted in our subconscious. Fortunately, there are several techniques by which we can change the contents of our subconscious and thus influence our dominant thoughts and attitudes, and one of them is the use of affirmations.


Affirmations are essentially autosuggestion’s, statements or confirmations that we send most often to ourselves. They can be positive or negative and, depending on how often we use them, have a strong impact on our lives. By using positive affirmations, we can achieve better results in all aspects of life. Form a better image of yourself, raise self-confidence, achieve goals faster, acquire or change habits, self-healing and more. Or, brainwash yourself if we use negative affirmations, such as “I don’t deserve this and that,” “I’m not good enough,” “I can’t accomplish that,” and the like.

Use affirmations

How do they work?

By repeating affirmations in our subconscious, new mental concepts are formed over time or existing ones are changed. These mental concepts in our subconscious will then affect our thinking, our behavior, and our action. They shape our reality.

Some affirmations I use are:

• I look for positive aspects in all the things that surround me.

• My life is perfect.

• I have fantastic ideas.

• I am surrounded by positive people.

• I create my reality.

By repeating the affirmation “I look for positive aspects in all the things that surround me”, I achieved that I feel much better every day, I have more enthusiasm and I am more inspired to create more. In time, I created a new “better” picture of life. My negative thoughts give way to positive ones. Whatever happens to me, be it talking to someone, walking through the city, or working on a new project, I unconsciously strive to focus on the positive things around me, and that directly affects the quality of my experience of reality. In other words, I enjoy life more.

Use affirmations

Where to start?

As was the case with goals, affirmations should be written down. When we do not feel the best, it is much easier to read the affirmation than to look for it in the chaos of thoughts.

Formulate affirmations according to your needs! Since we are all different, unique, we have different goals, ideas, habits, there is no single affirmation for all of us. So think about your goals, the habits you want to acquire or change, the experiences you want to experience, the feelings you want to be a part of your reality, define affirmations towards them and write them down.

Reading my examples you may have noticed that they are all said in the present. When they are uttered in the present, you feel more strongly the emotion that moves the whole energy and thought processes in you and changes your subconscious. Feel the difference between “my life will be perfect” and “my life is perfect”. When you say “my life will be perfect”, you subconsciously postpone the manifestation indefinitely, just as you do with goals. However, if you say “my life is perfect”, you start thinking about what your perfect life looks like now, even though it has not yet manifested.

Emotion is of great importance!

Try to feel the emotion as strongly as possible while saying the affirmation, and you will achieve results faster.

Note that for someone who has many problems in life, it would be almost impossible to feel emotion if he uses the affirmation “my life is perfect”, because the idea of a perfect life and that person are not on the same wavelength. In that case, a more effective affirmation would be “things change for the better”, or “I feel an improvement in this and that aspect of life”, because it would trigger a stronger emotion. Even the well-known affirmation “I’m getting better every day in every way” would change things for the better when we felt a strong emotion as we uttered it. However, as it is not intended for everyone, and it is not possible for everyone to feel emotion, the premise was created that the sentence has no power.

Use affirmations

How to use affirmations?

Affirmations should be uttered as often as possible. I recommend a minimum of 3 times a day. In most cases, the habit is formed after 3 weeks, 21 days, and sometimes it takes more time because the adopted concepts are too firm. Repeat your affirmations for at least 30 days to feel their effect. If in the meantime the emotion related to an affirmation changes, modify the affirmation as needed and move on.

Affirmations, as well as goals, always have with you and be surrounded by them. In this way, you will eventually replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Although this may sound ridiculous, stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye, say an affirmation and really think and feel it. The amount of discomfort that could occur in this case is proportional to the distorted image you have of yourself and life. But keep going, don’t give up! You will soon raise your self-confidence and rejoice in front of yourself in the mirror.

Examples of affirmations for different aspects of life


• My body knows how to heal

• I feel better

• I feel positive changes

• X therapy has a positive effect on my body


• I do a job that fulfills me

• I do my job well and positively influence the success of the company

• I have fantastic ideas

• I inspire people around me

Relationships with people:

• I always see the best in others

• I am accepted and loved

• By my example I inspire others to live better


• I am a magnet for money

• I have the right to be rich

• I earn “so much and so much” money

• I am able to afford everything I need

Use affirmations

Once again, pay attention to the fact that you need to define affirmations for yourself according to your own needs. Try to feel the power of affirmation completely, as if it is true, as if you are already living it. If you still can’t feel it, replace it with someone else who arouses positive emotions in you.

Don’t wait for a better moment, write down your affirmations now! I suggest you write down at least 5 affirmations below in the comment, and inspire others with your example. That’s the least you can do for yourself right now!

Use affirmations


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