The life story of Valentino – the most glamorous creator in the world

No man wants his wife to look like a boy!

His name is known all over the world not only for fashion but also for elegance, lifestyle and striving for perfect beauty, to which the ingenious designer has dedicated every moment of his life.

Mr. Chic, as the Americans call him, or the most international and glamorous Italian designer, retired from the world of fashion in 2008, after 45 years of work. As for his professional engagement, he left the fashion industry forever, making it a glamorous farewell show. He admitted that it is difficult for him, but that he will not miss the world of fashion, because of what he has become: “The world of fashion has failed, everyone is doing the same. Nothing stimulates me anymore. There are no challenges, joys, creativity, it all comes down to numbers. It would be endlessly boring to work in a world that offers nothing more. ”

Valentino then waved fans, clients, fashion critics and journalists off the catwalk, fighting back tears, with 30 models in red dresses standing in the background. His statement entered the history of fashion: “Red is the only color except white and black”!

Below I will tell you the life story of Valentino – the most glamorous creator in the world!

Fashion and dance

Clemente Ludovico Garavani was born on May 11, 1932, in Vogera. He was always a calm and composed young man, who was attracted to the world of fabrics and fashion immediately after high school.

“My parents were amazing. I was a spoiled child, but I never disappointed them. Never! I remember looking for custom-made pants at 14, I didn’t want those from the store, as well as handmade shoes. I watched movies and dreamed of beautiful women, sophisticated, with jewels around their necks. After the movie “Le fanciulle delle follie” with Hedi Lamar, Lana Turner and Judy Garland, I decided to become a fashion designer. “Long dresses, black and white, I was still a boy,” he said.

He enrolled in the “Figurino” vocational school in Milan, but his natural curiosity forced him to travel constantly abroad. So he studied French at the Berlitz School, and then moved to Paris for a long time. Fashion is not his only love. He is a lover of everything beautiful and harmonious, he attends dance classes with Violomin and Vera Krylova. Those years passed for him in search of himself, his own identity, some inner turmoil that forced him to experiment, to make countless variants from one piece of clothing, still insufficiently defined.

During a vacation in Barcelona, he discovered his love for red and that’s how the famous – Valentine’s red – was born: “Red is life, blood, passion, love, the absolute fight against sadness and malice.”

White collection

In the early fifties, after being noticed in an important competition, he started working as a collaborator in the fashion house of Jean Deseau in the studio of Guy LaRoche. Valentino returned to Rome in 1959, where he opened his fashion studio in Via Condota, and a year later began collaborating with Giancarlo Giametti.

“I was very lucky at the beginning: as soon as I opened my studio in Rome, I had the clientele you could only wish for. Beautiful ladies from high society, real women for my creations. ”

In 1962, after the triumph of the first collection at the Florence fashion show, Valentino soon became one of the most respected and popular creators in the world. The French Vogue dedicated two whole pages to him, which is a sign of his breakthrough among the biggest fashion names.

In Dallas in 1967, Valentino received the Neumann Marcus Award, which is a kind of fashion Oscar, and Martha Avard in Palm Beach. In the same year, he created uniforms for flight attendants and flight attendants of the airline “TWA” and presented the first collection for men. During that period, Valentine’s regular clients, but also friends, were Elizabeth Taylor, the Queen of Iran, Farah Diba Pahlavi, Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of the owner of Fiat, Marella Anelli, Princess Margaret…

“I always tell everyone that I became a Valentino white collection from 1968. Then I had everything, from Rothschild to Ford’s wives. That year, Jackie married Onassis in my ivory dress, with a lace top and an airy skirt, which the whole world later copied. ”

The power of the right dress

Valentine’s first creations appeared on the wider market in the seventies, which is a very important step in his career. He was the first and only Italian designer to sign contracts with larger workshops for the production and sale of clothes with his name on the international market. He opened several new outlets around the world (Tokyo, Geneva, Paris) and began spending more time in New York, where he opened four boutiques, and his creations appeared on the covers of Time and Life magazines. He became the fashion ruler of the whole world and his career has been on a constant upward path since then. From then until the end of his career, Valentine’s creations were worn by the world’s biggest stars, whose favorite designer he was. He created countless glamorous evening dresses for the Oscars, some of the most expensive wedding dresses for Elizabeth Taylor, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Lopez…

The secret of his success is in his great love for what he does and in his desire to design clothes that will celebrate women’s form and emphasize sensuality.

He once stated that he does not believe that any man in the world would want to go out with a woman who is dressed as a boy. He always had a clear idea of what he wanted. “A beautiful, young, seductive and joyful woman, for whom I will create something wearable. I never liked minimalism, because it didn’t seem to help women feel better. I think that every woman wants to please a man, and that one dress can help a lot. It can give her power, which, in my opinion, means feeling safe in her own clothes. I don’t like it when there is no harmony between the dress and the one who wears it, then the clothes become lifeless, they don’t become an element of glamor.”

Then and now

“I don’t like it when I see young people in the theater, in the front row, in torn jeans or shorts. There is something called respecting the place we go to and not every outfit is for every occasion. Some places just deserve to be dressed appropriately. I like to see nicely dressed people. I am bothered by men in sweaters, without a tie, messy women in impersonal pants. It is a lack of culture and self-esteem. It is a pity to neglect elegance in clothing, just a little, well-groomed hair, a little lipstick on the lips, well-tailored pants are enough… But always In the morning, the most important thing is to see your likeable reflection in the mirror, it will be easier for us to get through the day. In the past, women, my clients, changed their clothes four times a day. It’s not like that anymore today, but it’s not what makes me angry. The lack of elegance is more and more present over time, maybe it is the spirit of today’s time that has changed. Maybe that’s okay. I grew up obsessed with movie divas of the forties who didn’t leave the house, if everything on them wasn’t perfect, and today’s, in jeans and T-shirts… No, I don’t like them”.

King of luxury

A perfect personification of his own brand, Valentino is superbly dressed at every opportunity, not always in clothes with his signature, there are also Ralph Lauren and Savil Row, he is recognizable by his flawless hairstyle and tan. He lives everywhere a little, in New York, on Capri, in the vicinity of Rome, in Gstad or on a 43-meter yacht. He was in a relationship with Giancarlo Đameti for twelve years, they lived together with their mothers until they died: Tereza Garavani in 1977, and Lina Đameti in 1996.

Giancarlo is the most important figure in Valentino’s life, he was his manager for 45 years and successfully ran a huge business. Valentine’s and Djameti’s way of life has always been characterized by extreme abundance. John Fairfield, the famous former editor of Women’s Wear Daily, said in an interview with Venity Fair in 2004: “Valentino and Giancarlo are the kings of life on a high footing. All the other stylists look at them, admire them and marvel. I don’t believe that either of them ever made money like the two of them, Giancarlo knows how to make money. And, even if they earned them, they didn’t know how to spend them like Valentino. In the years when Red Brigade terrorists kidnapped people in Rome, Valentino was driving in an armored Mercedes. And in red! My God, I thought he was challenging them and killing him”.



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