We are motivated, but we did not take the first step!

“You don’t have to be legendary to go. But you have to go to become legendary. ” – Srdjan Bogicevic, blogger

So, we talked about change and what you can do to start the path of change. However, the question of who imposes it is: why can’t most of us just take that first step towards a better life? What is it that is holding us back? Is that fear? Doubt? Criticisms that will eventually be directed at us? Or something else? Maybe you are afraid to move forward because you have already had a bad experience? There are many reasons why we are motivated, but we did not take the first step!

We are taught to believe that we cannot do something

One of the biggest reasons why people are unwilling or unwilling to take the first step toward their goals is that they are programmed to believe they can’t do something. Yes, you read that right. You are programmed to believe that you cannot make your dreams come true when you were a small child. You are told that you cannot have everything you want; that money is evil; that rich people are thieves; that there is nothing of love; not to try to do anything because you will fail anyway; that you do not have a genetic predisposition to succeed; to be miserable; that you should play by other people’s rules and do what you are told and so on. How many of you have bought these lies? Believe me when I tell you that most of you are not even aware that you have these beliefs.

Who sold you these stories? Whose thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors have you picked up? When did you lose faith in yourself? When did you start to feel helpless? For most people, all of this happened when they were children. You are programmed from an early age to think a certain way, talk a certain way, and behave a certain way. Most of you don’t know this, nor are you aware of what I’m talking about. You don’t even know you’re programmed to be in fear. To doubt yourself. Don’t trust your intuition. That the world is a bad place. That life is not fair. I can list until tomorrow what you are all programmed to believe. These are all lies!

And do you know what is very sad about all this? That you have never even tried to re-examine all these lies. All the beliefs I have listed above sabotage you and hinder you from living the life you want. The one you deserve.

There is a part of you that knows that you can go anywhere, that you can be what you want to be, that you can achieve everything you imagine. But your subconscious programs are holding you back. What if instead of these lies being told to you, you actually start living your truth? “What truth”? You may be wondering. Here I will tell you. Yes what you have is enough! Yes where you are now is enough! To be beautiful and attractive! That you are powerful! That you have more than enough courage! To have everything you need to succeed! Can you believe this?

Here is another truth: money is not evil, it is only a tool with which you can do good deeds; the economy is not as bad as they tell you; people are great; The earth is a beautiful place to live; life is not meant to be just survival; there is enough food, water, love, sensitivity, attention, joy, money, happiness. Life is designed to be abundant in every form. Life is given to you to enjoy every second of it. You came to this planet to be legendary. To do amazing things. To be the best version of yourself.

And let me tell you something else: you are a powerful human being created by the Creator! You are stronger than you can imagine. Can you believe what I’m saying? Do you have the courage to accept that you are more than what you have been told you are? Do you have the courage to accept that everything you need is within you? Do you have the courage to believe that you are more than what your current reality tells you are? Your current reality is just that – your current reality. Nothing remains the same in this Universe. Everything is temporary. And your reality will change. Can you accept that you are just a thought away from changing your life? Just one thought! That’s how close you are to changing your life.

The key to change and start living the life you want is to move on now and take the first step! That’s all you need for now. Just get started. Today. Now. How can you overcome false beliefs, doubts and fears? By taking the first step towards your destiny. But most people will not do anything. Why? Because most don’t even know what they want out of life. They have never stopped and thought about what they want, because they believe that they have no “right” to think about it. They are programmed in this way of thinking. But if you don’t know what you want out of life, how will you know where you’re going?

So let’s go through some of the most useful excuses that many people use to not take that famous first step.

I’m waiting for the “right time”

I think you know this. Most people wait for the “right time” to start. You know what? It will never happen! This excuse people use every day. They then add that they will take the first step when they have enough money or when they get a raise, or find a better job. Maybe when a relative lends them money. Or next year when the “conditions are met”. It’s sad to say, but this is not go to happen.

It will never be the right time. If you wait for this, then you will never take that first step, and therefore, you will not do anything from your life. I started writing for my blog when I didn’t even know how it was go to turn out. I didn’t wait to learn to speak English perfectly, I just started writing and along the way I tried to figure out what I needed to learn to become a better writer. The best thing you can do for yourself is not to think at all, but just go where you are and with what you have. That’s all you need, and along the way you’ll design and learn what else you need.

I’ll start when I develop more skills

Again, you don’t have to wait to develop more skills to move forward. Believe me when I tell you that I didn’t even know that I had a talent for writing and that I had a hidden writer in me. I started writing because I learned from my mentor, who I came across through another blogger, that it would be a good idea to start writing a blog, because it is a good way to create conditions for marketing.

I didn’t wait to develop my writing skills. If you believe me, I never even asked anyone how writing skills develop. I develop them myself in my own way. Every day. Through the process of writing and moving forward towards my goals, my skills and knowledge are being improved more and more every day. So I advise you not to wait to develop more skills. Move forward.

It is true that for certain jobs it is necessary to acquire certain skills as a prerequisite for working in a certain type of activity. But, if your current knowledge is enough to start something you want, you should not hesitate but start with the necessary activities, which will enable us to acquire new knowledge and other skills!

I’m leaving tomorrow

Are you really go to leave tomorrow? If you have this thought that you should leave tomorrow, know that it is not yours. It comes from your subconscious. It is a false belief that prevents you from taking the first step. That belief serves you nothing at all. Why? Because tomorrow never comes! At least not for most people.

I’m go to practice tomorrow. Today I will eat french fries and chocolate, but tomorrow I will start with a new way of eating. Today I will skip meditation, but tomorrow I will practice it one hundred percent. I need to make a call today, but I’m not in the mood, so I’ll do it tomorrow. You will do everything or start tomorrow. The truth is you won’t. You won’t leave tomorrow, and you probably never will if you keep saying you’ll do it all or start tomorrow.

The point is to replace our tomorrow with today!


This is probably the biggest killer of all dreams. You are scared. You don’t know what to expect. Will you succeed? Or will you fail? Having fear is normal, especially when you go into the unknown. You are trying to do something you have never done before. You don’t know what to expect. Get out of your comfort zone.

The good news is that you can overcome any fear by taking some action towards your dreams, by being brave and, despite the fear, trying.

What does fear consist of? Fear consists of not knowing one’s own being.

Fear is “only” a thought that occurs in our heads and is most often associated with our emotions! There are two types of innate fears: fear of falling and fear of noise! All other fears are learned or acquired during life and we can get rid of them! It is a distorted and unhealthy understanding of life!

Based on this, fears can be divided into rational and irrational!

Rational fear is what can happen: if we do not get out of the building affected by the fire, we will perish! If we do not evacuate from the area affected by the floods, we can also suffer!

Irrational fears are those that are projected in our head and can be divided into three groups: loss, pain and fear of outcome – what will happen?

This means that we will experience many terrible things in our lives, none of which actually happened! Fears are fictional scenarios and projections that create your thoughts!

That this is true is confirmed by the following Zen story:

The man who was walking on a rocky road in the middle of the night slipped and fell. Fearing that he would crash a thousand meters, since he knew that there was a very deep valley under the path, he grabbed a branch near the edge. In the darkness of the night below, he could only see an endless abyss. He shouted and an exclamation echoed – there was no one to hear him. You can imagine that man and his torture all night. Every moment there was death under him, his hands were getting colder, his grip was loosening, but he managed to endure until dawn. Then he looked down … and laughed! There was no abyss. Only fifteen inches below his feet was a stone cliff. He could rest all night, sleep — the cliff was wide enough — but the whole night passed like a nightmare.

From my own experience, I can tell you: fear is not deeper than fifteen centimeters. It is up to you to decide whether to hold on to the branch and turn your life into a nightmare, or whether you will leave the branch and stand on your feet. You have nothing to fear. – Osho, Indian thinker

The best kept secret of the world is to find something safe and beneficial for you on the other side of fear. If you work on even a little fear, you will increase your self-confidence and ability to create your own life.

Is it easy to face fear? No, but it’s harder to live with him!

In all these years of educating myself on the topic of fear, I have read many books, articles and other interesting studies and watched countless videos on this topic. What all psychologists, life coach trainers, psychologists and psychiatrists have in common is the following:

“To overcome fear, you must face it!”

There is no other way! If someone wants to overcome fear, this is the basis, without which all other techniques do not give results !!!

What is the goal of overcoming fear? Let’s learn to communicate with our emotions! Let’s find ourselves! Once you find yourself, you can’t lose anything!

“Joy is the antidote to all fear. Fear comes if you don’t enjoy life. If you enjoy life, fear disappears. So just be positive and enjoy more, laugh more, play more, sing. Stay happier and happier, upbeat because of the little things, and the smallest little things. Life is made up of little things, but if you can bring the quality of joy into the little things, the sum is huge. ” – Osho


If fear is the biggest dream killer, then doubt is right behind fear. I have doubts too. Sometimes I doubt myself. Do I have enough knowledge and skills to make my dreams come true? How to move forward when the path is not clear? What I have learned so far is that doubt can only be removed if we take some action towards our dreams every day. That’s it. Just do something every day, no matter how small or big.


What will others think of me if I fail? Will they look at me with the same eyes? We all have a fear of criticism at some point in our lives. We all wonder what others will say or think about us?

Is their opinion really that important to you? You are not even aware of how many people have never taken the first step because they were afraid of what others would think or say. Everyone “knows” why something won’t work, and now that you want to try “that something”, you become scared, because if you fail, you will think to yourself that others were right. But take my word for it that one day when you are on your deathbed, the last thing on your mind will be what someone thinks or has thought about you. If you let criticism hold you back, one day you will regret not being brave enough to try.

Criticism always comes from people who do nothing with their lives. These are the ones who always “know” all the possible reasons why something won’t work and they will be more than happy to tell you why you can’t make your dreams come true. I call these people “dream killers.”

Stop thinking about them. You can’t expect them to see something for you when they can’t see anything for themselves. Real dreamers, visionaries and people who want something more than life will support you and help you on your life journey. Your job is to find these people and surround yourself with them.

“Wisdom comes through suffering and wisdom comes through acceptance. Whatever the case, be relaxed. Ignore society and its condemnations. No one has the right to judge you and no one can pretend to be a judge. Do not judge others and don’t let the judgment of others bother you. You are alone and unique. Accept that and whatever happens, let it happen and go through it. Soon suffering will become a science, then it has become creative. ” – Osho

Previous experience

I tried it once and I didn’t succeed. That’s why I know it won’t work now because I’ve tried so many things in my life and why would I try again just to experience another failure? If you know this, trust me I fully understand you. I know what you’re talking about. I was there. I tried a few things that didn’t go the way I wanted.

You know, I wanted to give up writing. I didn’t see the point at one point. But then I realized that there are people who read my blog! But I also realized that I love to write a lot. So I decided that previous defeats would not stop me from doing what I love to do.

I know you’ve tried many times. You have experienced defeats. You were broken. Who knows how many times you’ve heard from someone “did I tell you”? Your experience doesn’t lie, does it? Not true! You are not the person you were then. You are different now. What’s more, your experience can only help you start over and take the first step. Don’t let the demons of the past hunt you down in the present and destroy your future.

Take advantage of the experience you have gained. Study what didn’t work before to do something different now. Now you know you can do things differently and better.

Therefore, do not allow your past to dictate your present and create your future.

Now that we’ve gone through the excuses that people have for not taking the first step toward their dreams, let’s see what you can do to move forward anyway, how to get started today and still take that first step.

Share your dream with others

I know this isn’t something you’ve heard so far, especially if you have an opinion that someone is go to steal your idea. I myself had this kind of thinking. Life is based on cooperation. In my experience and in the people I know, and they are quite successful, they all shared their vision with as many people as possible.

Why? Because you never know how someone can help you. Maybe one of your acquaintances will hear your story and then suddenly I can give you a contact person who might be interested in investing in your dream.

But, as I stated in the previous part, this does not include negative people and those who criticize – dream killers, but positive people who support you and help you succeed in what you want!

Expect challenges

Expect challenges and welcome them with open arms because they are a great opportunity to build your character and develop as a person. Don’t try to get around them and don’t be discouraged when obstacles slow you down. Just keep going no matter what.

Sometimes life will hit you so hard that you’ll want to give up, but don’t let that occur to you! Life will throw stones at you. People around you will sabotage you. None of this is yours. Welcome it all with open arms and be thankful that you will get through it all. What I know for sure is that as soon as you take the first step, almost the same day, or the next, you will encounter an obstacle. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Just keep going towards your dreams.

That first step… you are not even aware of how important and significant it is for you. When you take the first step, it is a sign that you believe you can succeed. Even when others don’t believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. If your dream is worth your energy, effort, work, sweat, blood, pain, sleepless nights, tears, and only you know it in your heart, then you will surely believe that you can go for it and I am sure that if you never stop, you will make your dream come true!

Never defeat! Just a lesson!



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