What if someone rejects us?

What if someone rejects us?

Rejection is in itself unpleasant, it can be very painful and disappointing.

We have all been rejected once in our lives and we know that the feeling that comes after being rejected is not pleasant at all. In some people, it can create such fear and blockage, which generalize, and expand to all other aspects of life. We can be afraid to take the first step, at work, in college, to approach someone at all and ask them something.

Fear of rejection

The fear of rejection has become so widespread and great that because of it, many men and women do not approach those who can be their potential partners and thus eliminating the possibility of developing a relationship or friendship.

People are increasingly shutting themselves in for fear of rejection, which can lead to depression, complete alienation, and decreased joy and general satisfaction. That is why the fear of rejection needs to be neutralized.

What if someone rejects us? How can we practice not being afraid of rejection?

Precisely by exposing ourselves more often to situations in which we may be rejected. The more we are rejected, the more we will be aware that it is nothing terrible and that it is certainly survivable. What is very important in the sense of our value and self-esteem that are connected and, in direct contact with whether someone likes us, whether we are accepted or rejected?!

In general, we have a strong belief that if someone rejects us or does not accept or dislike us, it means that we are not valuable enough as a person. There is a drop in self-esteem and self-confidence which leads to the fact that we really behave in a way that in the end, someone does not like us because we become shy, closed, scared, and antisocial.

What if someone rejects us?

That is why we need to discover this belief, be aware of it and understand that the fact that someone did not like us, does not say anything about us, as much as it may say about that person or our approach.

It’s normal that we don’t like everyone!

This is nothing terrible, nor does it mean that we are bad people, clumsy, or less valuable. On the contrary, it means that we may be authentic, our own, different and as such, we like those who should like us – those we like and who will probably like us.

People who don’t like us aren’t necessarily bad, nor are we bad! It just means that our characters or temperaments did not match at that moment, which does not mean that the thing is unchangeable. The more we expose ourselves to contact with people, the more confident we will be, the more skilled and less afraid we will be of rejection.

The most important thing is to be self-confident and aware of our values, which we do not have to affirm through others. Others – their acceptance and liking are not necessarily indicators of our values, talents, curiosities…

There are people who are surrounded by a large number of people, but that does not mean that they are in some ways better or more valuable than a person who is surrounded by only one person or is alone.

As Schopenhauer said: “A man full of spirit and in complete solitude has great fun with his thoughts”.

It is important that we like ourselves!

If we are smart, talented, eloquent, great, it’s all great if we like others as such, but the most important thing is that we like ourselves first and foremost. When we like ourselves, then it is not important for us to please others at any cost, we do not need approval, we already have it – from ourselves!

We all have a handful of wonderful thoughts to share with others, delight others, and express ourselves. When we delight others with ourselves, it is beautiful, but it is also fleeting – people are delighted, but all that is forgotten from time to time.

We then remain to enjoy all these wonderful thoughts, information, and events that happen to us every day and fill our minds.

And if everything disappears, and when it is forgotten and if those we love to leave us, we are left with everything that we have in ourselves and that so wonderfully adorns and sets us apart – we remain to ourselves.

“Flying occurs when we finally realize that everyone can replace us in everything except our own death and our own immortality”.

What if someone rejects us?


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