What is success?

What is success?

What is success? Success is when we achieve our goals and our desires. It takes several things to succeed, and the most important are three.

These are desire, faith, and action.

It all starts with desire!

Desire is the driver of all behavior. The first step to success is to become aware and allow yourself to feel what it is that you want. You can do it now. Take a short break from reading and remember some of your wishes.

The next step is to create faith, faith in yourself!

Belief in yourself is the belief that you can make that wish come true. Without faith in oneself, there is no motivation. Desire alone is not enough to create motivation.

For example, if I want to become an astronaut and at the same time I don’t believe I can do it, will I be motivated? Let your wish be such that you can believe in yourself that you can make it come true.

The next step is action!

Desires lead to faith and faith to action. Without action, there is no success, no maintenance of motivation. If you do nothing, you will lose desire and/or faith. So get started. Start with small steps. Each of your steps strengthens your desire and faith, and they strengthen your readiness for action. So, a vicious circle is created, a self-sustaining loop, a positive loop.

What is success?


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