What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?

What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?

What kind of relationship do you have with your parents? Do you help them and how much?

I started thinking about this issue after I found a devastating confession of a pensioner, mother of two children, and a well-off financial situation…

“I have an adult son and daughter. My husband and I helped them in everything, from studying to buying a house and taking care of their children.

Today I live alone, my husband died a few years ago.

I have a small pension, I can barely cover my basic needs. Sometimes, when I buy medicine, I literally have to give up food. The children are aware of my situation, but not once have they offered to help me.

I once hinted that they could pay half of their monthly bills because they will be left with an apartment when I die. The son pretended not to understand what I said, and the daughter said she could barely pay her own expenses.

None of them go to work by transport, they have expensive cars. They spend their summers every year inexpensive places and inexpensive hotels.

Every month, the daughter buys new clothes, and she showers her daughter with money. The child received a larger amount of pocket money than my pension. At his son’s house, all the money is controlled by his wife. Even if she wanted to help me, she wouldn’t let me.

When my neighbor proudly told me how her children pay for her vacation every year, bring food and pay the bills, I was literally offended.

I did the same for my children as she did. I used to borrow money from her, but I don’t dare anymore, I’m afraid she will ask me why children don’t help me like her.

I helped my parents as much as I could. I never left them empty-handed. I helped both physically and financially. Didn’t I manage to raise my children properly?

I don’t have any savings, because my husband and I didn’t keep anything, we gave everything to the children. And that’s how they gave me back…”

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What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?


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