What true happiness is?

What true happiness is?

Many great writers, philosophers, and otherwise learned people spoke about happiness. Among them is the famous Chinese sage Confucius, who left an indelible mark on the civilization of China and the modern world.

Throughout life, we search for happiness again and again, but everyone’s path is different. The Chinese philosopher and sage, Confucius, left his mark through inspirational messages, words, and advice that we can easily use in modern life.

Confucius also answered the question of what true happiness is and how to achieve it: “Happiness is when you are understood, great happiness is when you are loved, true happiness is when you love”.

True happiness is when you are surrounded by people who love, respect, and understand you. You must have often encountered misunderstandings throughout your life, you once thought you were alone in the world, but then you realized that there is someone next to you who understands you and who is always there. It is real wealth and a reason to be thankful.

Also, when we grow up, we realize that it is a great happiness to be loved. We experience this in communication with our parents in childhood, but later that circle expands. Indeed, those who have loving parents, friends, colleagues, or soulmates are happy in life. Even if you don’t have all these people by your side, but you have one of them, that’s real happiness – you have someone who truly loves you!

But, Confucius points out that the highest level of happiness is actually when we love both ourselves and others.

When you love, you feel like a source of life, you are driven by an incredible force called love.

Love sincerely, openly, devotedly, give your heart, live for love – and indeed, you will be happy.

What true happiness is?


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