Which group do you belong to?

Which group do you belong to?

The teachings of Paisius Svetogorac on love, life, thoughts, and optimism are often quoted, and each of them contains spiritual wisdom and advice for a happier life, with fewer worries and more joy.

He often dealt with the topics of positive and negative thoughts and talked about how they affect a person’s emotional state and life. One of his stories about the division of people into flies and bees speaks symbolically about optimism and pessimism, that is, about our ability and power to see the good and the beautiful, even when everything seems bad.

Read the instructive story and find out which group you belong to?

“I know from experience that people are divided into two categories. There is no heavier category! People either belong to one or the other”.

The first resembles a fly!

The main characteristic of the fly is that it is attracted to dirt. When, for example, a fly finds itself in a garden full of beautifully scented flowers, it will not even notice it and will stop at some dirt it finds on the ground. He will start to circle around and feel quite comfortable in the stench. If a fly could talk, and you asked it to show you a rose in the garden, it would answer: I don’t even know what a rose looks like. I only know where to find garbage and mud.

There are people who resemble a fly. People who belong to this category are used to thinking negatively and always looking for bad sides in life, underestimating and rejecting the presence of good.

The second category is those that resemble a bee, whose main characteristic is to always look for something sweet and pleasant to land on.

If a bee found herself in a room full of dirt, with a piece of candy in the corner, she would ignore all that dirt and land on the candy. If you asked a bee to show you where the garden waste is, it would answer: I don’t know. I can only tell you where to find flowers, sweetness, honey, and sugar.

She only knows about the good things in life, while the bad things are unknown to her. It is another category of people who have positive thoughts and see only the good side of things. They always try to hide evil in order to protect their loved ones. And, people of the first category try to expose evil and bring it to the surface.

When someone comes to me and starts accusing other people and puts me in a difficult situation, I give him this example. Then I tell him to decide which category he wants to belong to, so he can find people of the same kind and hang out with them…”, explained the wise old man.

Which group do you belong to?


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