Why should you never sin against your parents?

Why should you never sin against your parents?

Why should you never sin against your parents?

The answer to this question, I will give you through the following story!

There was once a weak old woman who, when her beloved husband died, went to live with her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson.

Her eyesight and hearing were getting worse every day. Sometimes her hands shook so much that the peas from her plate rolled to the floor and the soup leaked out of the cup.

Her son and daughter-in-law could not help her, but they were annoyed by the mess she was making.

And one day they said, “What’s a lot, a lot,” so they set up a small table for her in a corner next to the broom closet and let her eat all the meals there herself.

During the meal, she would look at them from the other end of the room, her eyes full of tears, but they hardly talked to her, except to scold her when a spoon or fork fell out.

One evening, just before dinner, a little girl was sitting on the floor playing with dice.

“What are you doing”? Her father asked in astonishment.

“I’m making a small table for you and mom, so you can eat in the corner by yourself when I’m big”, the girl said with a smile.

Father and mother were dumbfounded and it seemed to last an eternity. And then they started crying – at that moment they became aware of what they had done and the grief they had caused.

That evening, they returned the old woman to her rightful place at the big table, and from that day on she always ate with them.

And when a piece of food fell on the table or a fork strayed to the floor, no one seemed to care.

Why should you never sin against your parents?


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