Wisdom, experience, and knowledge can heal us. But time, no!

Wisdom, experience and knowledge can heal us. But time, no!

Time changes us, shapes us and in some cases completely masks our wounds. But by itself, it does nothing but provide us with hours and days in which to re-analyze experiences.

Wisdom, experience, and knowledge can heal us. But time, no.

As time goes on, time leads us to dig into old wounds again and think about whether we are the person we thought we were. It also gives us extra days in which we can feel the pain we have pushed under the rug for various reasons.

Grief cannot be alleviated by the mere passage of time. Trauma does not heal on its own, and the memory of breakups and abandonment will never really leave us.

Over the years, we become a little more mature, but we also become more and more aware of emotions.

Those who have found adequate professional help can be cured over time. But those who have not yet, remain in place, injured, despite the fact that time passes.

Over time, too, the pain will not only not go away, but it can also become unbearable. The pain does not go away on its own and the only thing we can do is practice how to treat it in an adequate way.

Some people succeed in that, so they learn to express pain through some kind of art – they write or look for themselves in books. They sing, dance or find some other hobby that becomes both an outlet and an opportunity to create something new. Some other people cope with intense heavy feelings through anger and irritability. And some others simply feel overwhelmed.

Wisdom, experience and knowledge can heal us. But time, no!

Life can be difficult

Unhappy loves are sad. Families experience crisis events, and distance can break us. But time is constant and it should not be difficult.

Time gives us just that: time.

It is time to find what makes us happy and to discover the passions that can help us face the ups and downs.

What we do while time passes is under our control and we need to take it seriously. Now we need to do something to face the burden we have borne since childhood and now we need to use the time to grow into responsible, caring and compassionate inhabitants of this planet.

Let’s make the decision that we need help

This is the first step towards change, whether we have thought about it ourselves or someone has suggested that we seek professional help. The second step is to finally take the pain into our own hands.

There will be no time, but we will heal ourselves – with elections, decisions and exercise. It is up to us to decide whether we will allow failure to destroy us and events to ruin our day.

Let’s consciously make new and good choices.

What we give is what we bring into our lives

We become ourselves what we provide to the environment. We can flourish or wither, and the choice is ours alone.

Let us choose to be happy, because our talented, caring and humble soul can be hurt if we allow the pain to continue to cover its natural glow.

It is time to let go, let go and finally – get well.

Sometimes help can be reflected in a conversation with a friend! In the second case, we can read one powerful thought that can trigger hidden potentials, which will change the situation!

If all this does not give the desired results, talking to a professional can be a turning point and you should not shy away from it!

He is for our good!

Wisdom, experience and knowledge can heal us. But time, no!


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