The wisdom that will open your eyes!

Wisdom that will open your eyes!

Sufi mystic Jalal al-Din Rumi was born Jalal al-Din Mohammad-e Balkhi on the edge of the Persian Empire, in Balkh in modern-day Afghanistan (though another birthplace in Tajikistan is also claimed). The son of Baha’ al-Din-e Valad, a noted scholar and theologian, Rumi’s family fled the Mongols, settling in Samarkand and then Anatolia. In 1224 Rumi married Gauhar Khatun, with whom he had two sons. In 1229, his father was invited the by sultan of Seljuk Turks to teach theology in the capital, Konya. Rumi was raised to be a scholar and teacher; after being sent to Aleppo and Damascus to finish his religious training, Rumi took over his father’s post.

Rumi’s discovery of poetry is generally dated to his midlife friendship with the mystic Shams al-Din Tabrizi. Around 1244, Shams arrived in Konya, preaching the possibility and necessity of direct communion with God. Rumi became a disciple and intimate friend to Shams; the two were rarely apart. It is said that Rumi’s sons and followers were jealous of Shams and drove him from the city. Whatever the cause, after Sham’s disappearance, Rumi consoled himself by writing poetry, chanting, and performing a dance, in particular the circling dances set to music that became known as the whirling dervish.

Rumi quickly gained a reputation as an ecstatic visionary and devoted the rest of his life to writing and worship. Rumi’s major works all date from after Shams’s disappearance: Diwan-e Shams-e Tabiz, or “The Collected Poems of Shams,” written partially in the voice of Shams; Mathnawi, or “Spiritual Couplets,” sometimes known as the Persian Koran and the most widely read poem in the Muslim world and various prose works including Fihe ma fih, or “Discourses” – sermons designed for occasions, Majales-e sab’a; and many letters known as Maktubat. Rumi’s fame during his own lifetime was notable, and his death was widely mourned.

Wisdom that will open your eyes!

Rumi remains one of the world’s most popular poets. Scholars such as A.J. Arberry, Franklin D. Lewis, Jawid Mojaddedi, and Reynold A. Nicholson have translated Rumi’s works into numerous collections in English. Many popular translations of Rumi’s works have also been undertaken by Coleman Barks. According to Mojaddedi, Rumi’s resonance with contemporary readers can be traced in part to his vivid, simple imagery, his use of the second person and insistence on direct address, and to “his optimism of the attainment of union … Rumi celebrates union”.

Below, I will list Rumi’s wisdom that will open your eyes!

  • I saw a lot of people who didn’t have suits on, but also a lot of suits that didn’t have people in them.
  • Those who speak the same language cannot agree. Only those who share the same feelings can agree.
  • Passions are like fire, and desires are like wood. The fire is extinguished when left without wood, and the passions when their wishes are not fulfilled.
  • If one candle lights another candle, it will not lose any of its light.
  • Be as learned as you want, but now that it belongs to you only as much as your interlocutor understands you.

Excessive attendance is disturbing, and insufficient friendship destroys it.

Wisdom that will open your eyes!

  • Watering fruit trees is Justice, and watering thorns is violence. It is justice when you put grace where it belongs. So be careful what you water and don’t think that watering every root is a blessing.
  • Two things destroy a person’s life:

– a betrayal that comes to him from a friend and – mercy that comes to him from an enemy.

  • Revealing secrets to a person who likes to talk a lot is the same as putting water in a cracked test (water container).
  • I do not love my friends with my heart or mind. Because it happens that the heart stops and the mind forgets. I love them with my soul because the soul neither stops nor forgets.
  • Educate your heart first and then your tongue. Because words come from the heart and come out of the mouth.
  • Do not beautify your body, but your heart and soul. The exterior is what the creatures look at, and the interior is what the Creator looks at.

When reason unites with other reasons, light increases and the path illuminates. And when the ego unites with the other ego, the darkness increases and the path darkens.

  • Pride is ugly in everyone, but it is most ugly when it is found in beggars.
  • Names don’t matter. The rose would smell even if it were called differently.

Wisdom that will open your eyes!

  • It is not strange when a sheep runs away from a wolf, but it is strange when that sheep falls in love with a wolf.
  • Even a tear has a duty. Her duty is to clear the ground for the smile that comes after her.
  • Practice three things a little and one a lot:

– eat a little, – talk a little, – sleep a little, – think a lot.

  • If you ever consult your ego, do the opposite of what that pervert tells you.
  • Where everyone thinks the same, no one thinks much.

Either you will open your heart completely to love or you will not open it at all! There is no gray in love. When it comes to love, you have to opt for either black or white…

  • A snake can only take your life, and a bad friend can drive you to hell.
  • Don’t be annoyed that my head is bowed as I walk! I’m just afraid of tripping over your cheek that’s in the way.
  • Be careful who you walk with and who you hang out with because the nightingale leads to the rose garden and the crow to the garbage.
  • What is hiding love? It’s kind of like hiding fire in wool and cotton for you. The more you hide it, the more you reveal it.

If our glass is small, we have no right to blame the sea.

  • The size of all hearts is the same, but the size of the spirituality that is in them is completely different.
  • Don’t sell mirrors in the Bazaar of the Blind and don’t sing songs in the Bazaar of the Deaf.
  • Don’t crave other people’s lives, because there are a lot of people who crave your life.
  • Love is like a “criminal report”, and pain and suffering for a loved one are like a “witness”. It’s useless to sue someone if you don’t have a witness! Every claim must be proven!

Wisdom that will open your eyes!


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