You can’t please everyone!

You can’t please everyone!

A great life truth is woven into this story that everyone should be aware of!

You can’t please everyone!

Father and son, went to the market one morning with their donkey.

As they were walking, a peasant passed by them and mockingly said: “The donkey serves to carry you, not to walk with you. Isn’t it logical to ride it”?

Then the father put the boy on the donkey and they continued on their way. Soon after, they came across a group of men, one of whom said: ”Look at this lazy young man! He lets his older father walk while he rides”!

And so the father ordered his son to get off the donkey, and he sat on it. Along the way, they also met two women, one of whom shouted: “Shame on you for carrying a child with you?” He was tormented by walking, and you are sitting”.

At that moment, the man picked up and put the boy on the donkey. When they entered the city, the father noticed that everyone was looking at them strangely and gossiping. Someone shouted, “Aren’t you ashamed to burden that weak ass with yourself and your clumsy son”?

Both father and son get off the donkey and start thinking about what to do. Until now, the donkey carried them, so they thought that now they could carry him on their shoulders. They take the rope and wrap it around the donkey’s legs, and then put it on their shoulders.

They walked through the city to the market, while all the passers-by laughed at them. Suddenly, the donkey jerks kick the boy, falls over the bridge, and drowns.

“It will teach you”, says the old man who accompanied them along the way, “that you never try to please everyone again, because that way you can’t please anyone”!

You can’t please everyone!


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